( chapter nineteen. )

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  Andrea heaved an aggravated sigh. As the car drove, she struggled to refrain from throwing Sitwell onto the freeway. They were currently on their way to attempt to stop Project Insight, and the Jones woman could barely stand another minute being in the same car with the man. He refused to stop nagging at her, continuing to moan about whether or not he was going to die.

  Finally, the female turned to fix him with a pointed look. "You know, with the way you're babbling, probably." She seethed and, fortunately, the words shut him up for a few moments. Though, Andy's peace didn't last very long.

  The brunette rolled her eyes as Jasper continued, "Pierce doesn't like leaks." The words were accompanied by a tone of agitation. Andy gave Sitwell a forced smile before flipping him the bird. She hoped the actions would clearly state that she could've cared less about what Pierce liked or didn't like.

  In her professional opinion, he could've taken a long walk off a short cliff and she still wouldn't have been able to find the will to care about him.

  "Then why don't you try sticking a cork in it?" Sam retorted as he glanced at Jasper through his rearview mirror. Clearly Andy wasn't the only one annoyed with his pestering. The Jones woman chuckled at Sam's reply, while Sitwell sneered at him from the backseat they sat in.

  Natasha sighed from her spot on the other side of Andrea. "Insight launches in 16 hours. We're sort of cutting it a little bit close here." The words, while helpful, were quick to draw out a frown from Andy. She leaned back in her seat, gnawing on her bottom lip. If they didn't make it in time─ the female stopped herself mid-thought.

  She couldn't let herself think like that. They would make it in time, she was sure of it, and they would do everything they could to stop the launch. Even if it meant they died trying.

  From where he sat in the front, Steve glanced out at the road. "I know." He replied, and his words held a tone that Andrea couldn't quite decipher. Disappointment? Anger? The female watched her friend in concern before she reached forward. She took Steve's hand in hers, squeezing it reassuringly.

  She would be his support system in the same way he had been hers. At this point, the two were each other's strength now. The female sat back once more, "We can use Sitwell to bypass the genetic security scanner and gain access to the heli-carriers." She informed the group, drawing a nod from Steve just as the agent began to protest.

  Andrea whirled around in fury, "If you don't shut the hell up-" the Jones woman was cut off by a loud thump on the roof. She glanced up alongside the rest of the group, brow furrowed in confusion. But, before anyone could react, the window beside Sitwell shattered as a metallic hand reached through.

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