Chapter XVI- House of the Rising Sun

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We arrive at a motel, the sun having gone down a long time ago. I have to focus to stay awake walking into the check-in counter, a young man handing me the key to my room.

"Here you go, pretty lady." He says, flashing me a toothy smile. I rip the key out of his hand, not bothering to cover my distaste. I turn to see Sam and Dean sneering at the poor guy, and I look over my shoulder with a grin. The man gulps,

"Room for two." Dean says as I push through the door out of the office. I walk outside down the yellow-lit walkway, counting down the numbers 'till I find my room.

I don't even bother getting my stuff out of my car before falling face-first onto the bed in the same dirty clothes I had worn all day. I curl up, frowning as I shove my nose into the comforter. I had almost died today- and it was gonna be my choice. Why didn't I feel bad about it?

Honestly, the thing that upset me was that it hadn't happened, only because now there was no known way of stopping yellow-eyes. The book with the ritual was gone, and I doubted a spare copy was just lying around Bobby's house. I punch my fist into the hard mattress,

"Damn it!" I yell, sitting up. This need to get revenge was consuming me, so much that I didn't care if I died to make it happen. Isn't something messed up about that? I'm only 19, I should have to spend more time thinking about an early demise before I volunteer to let it happen. It feels like the world is caving in on all sides and there's no way for me to stop it. I'm overwhelmed, and way, way out of my element.

I should've listened to Bobby all those times he told me this was a bad idea- I should've let Sam and Dean carry on without me, they'd of forgotten about me by now. I was more a danger to them than any help with yellow-eyes chasing me around looking for my box and my blood.

A knock on my door draws me from my harsh thoughts, and I slide off the bed to tip-toe over to the door. I check the peep hole before opening, just as a precaution. I open the door for Dean,

"What?" I ask, rubbing my eye with the palm of my hand.

"Did you hear anything else from that angel of yours?" He asks, pushing past me and barging into my room.

"No," I say rudely, shutting the door a little too hardly, then turning with my arms crossed to face him.

"Yeah? Has she mentioned how much of a dumb ass you are yet?" He asked, a mean expression taking over his features.

"Not that either," I scoff, leaning against the wall.

"Maybe you should think a little more clearly next time." He says, pointing at me. I shake my head,

"Dean, I'm trying, ok? If I have to die to stop Azazel, then I will. There's nothing you can do to change that." I huff, and his expression falls. He doesn't say anything for a while, just holds his mouth open like he's thinking.

"You would do the same, wouldn't you?" I ask, and he looks at the ground. Dean doesn't have to answer, I know that he'd say yes.

"This thing has taken so much from me. I won't let him take you too." He says, looking me dead in the eye. I hold my breath, unsure of what to say.

"Dean, I-" I start to say, but before I can finish my sentence he grabs me and smashes our lips together. I wrap my arms around his neck, holding him as close as I possibly can. Dean hungrily bites my lip, then dips his head down to plant opened mouthed kisses along my jaw and neck.

"Dean," I moan, letting my head fall back. He wraps his fingers in my hair, pulling my neck to the side to gain better access to my throat where he continues to tease.

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