let the games being!! her come torture!! ch.5 part 1

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hey guys well here we are again sorry i took so long im gunna do shorter chapters but that means I can do like 4 in one day hopefully or im going to get like seven lined up and then upload one every day if you want cos that is better for me must dedicate this to haymedow8 a really good friend of mine for giving me a good story paet to start with and to ilovetheworld because she's been talking to me as well when I'm stuck to write things for you so thank you. 

would also like to give a shout out to my mum and my dad and his wife (cathy) and to my cousin tomika thank you for giving me idea's with imagine facts tehe even if there always about justin bieber :(. thank you all and to my anty barbie love u loads to nanny rose I miss you just want you to know I can't wait to see you again someday r.i.p nanna 

warning this is going to make you laugh your nickers\/ boxers off so keep them firmly pulled up (iner funny jokes for my friends and the firm (family)) . starts with 



I had it all planned in my head. I was really going to see if he could keep his emotions hidden, I wonder how much he would do for his mate. Oh i'm definetly not letting go of the blackmail no way in hell, he was going to pay for using my baby against me. 

I walked out of my bathroom to find him looking at a book. I peeked over his shoulder to see what it was I could see he was holding a pencil in his hand. I relised it was his diary when I noticed it said "dear diary" offious isn't it. I quickly read: 

"Dear diary,  

I've met her. I never thought i'd met her like that, but it was perfect. Her name means the world to me ROSALINDA THUNDER RAVENCROTH. I love the way her eye's sparkled in the fight I never thought she would mean so much to me, I don't even know anything about her and i'm all ready in love with what i've seen. I know blackmailing her to fight me was a bad idea, but the idea of her being mine, and mine only overwhelmed me. But then dad mentioned her bike, or her "baby" I think she called it, I couldn't believe it she rode a death machine and no one stopped her. I can't wait until I get her to marry me in the mating ceromony, I may be able to finally get rid of that bike she lust so much about at least thats one way to stop her from getting herself killed. Well time may change but for tonight, i'm going to get to know her. night, 


He's jelouse of my bike, OH now I now what I'm going to do and I'm about to put it into action. I coughted and he jumped out of his fur. "Stop day dreaming 'cos it aint gunna come true' if you think about it so hard." he looked petrofied was he going to ask me something if he ask's me to marry him i'm going to punch him in the gut and it's not like dad would let that happen, would he? If it ment kid's then hell yeah but if not then nope he'd shoot the mutt with a gun. Time to put the plan in place. Let the games begin. 


tehe cant wait till I write again. I promise to upload sam's pov and another rosalindas pov later today ok.

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