Part One - Moving Day.

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"Time to get up, Honey!" I blinked as my mother called loudly.

Rolling over to check the time, I sighed and scowled at my alarm clock. 8am. Moving day... I needed to get up.

I peeled away the covers, allowing the cold to nip at my skin. I put my feet into the slippers next to my bed and headed to the bathroom. Switching on the shower, I turned it to a steamy hot temperature and undressed as I let it warm up. Our shower wasn't great, maybe the shower in our new place would be better.

After a few moments, the shower was at the correct temperature, stepping in, the heat was welcoming to my cold skin. I showered quickly, using my favourite products to put me in a better mood. My shampoo smelled like Australian peaches, I smiled as I lathered it into my hair. I rinsed off and stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around myself.

Picking up my pyjamas I folded them as I walked back into my bedroom, I tossed them into one of the boxes next to my bed and began to dry off and get dressed. I decided on light wash jeans and a white tee. That would do for today. I dried my hair, putting it into a pony tail and applied light make up. Adjusting my shirt, I made my way down stairs, picking up my new phone from the bedside table as I did so, stuffing it into my pocket.

A welcoming smell lingered as I made my way down the stairs, my mother was obviously trying to cheer me up by making waffles, my favourite.

I pulled out a stool at our small breakfast bar and smiled at my mom.

"Morning honey!" she beamed, seeming excited for our new adventure.

"Morning," I replied, pulling a plate of waffles towards me and immediately starting to dig in. I shoved a bit too much in my mouth at first, I gagged a little.

Mom laughed and sat down next to me. We both ate our waffles in silence. I savoured the delicious taste, my mom was a great cook, but with this new job... I doubt she'd ever have time anymore. I'm sure we will be eating out or having take out most nights, I'm a terrible cook and burn almost everything I make, so I tend to stay away from the kitchen.

I heard a beep from outside, it was the movers. Mom answered the door and soon we were helping to put all of the boxes into the van. Time passed quickly, soon we were putting the last two boxes onto the van. We thanked the movers and went back inside. The house was empty. I can't believe we are actually leaving this place. 

It would be hard to leave our rustic little cottage. Our ageing porch swing out front, where I had so many late night conversations with friends... I would miss my friends. 

It was time to go, I would miss it here in Wales. We were moving to the big apple, New York City. That would be a big change for us. We were used to our cottage, but we would soon be living in a apartment in the city that never sleeps.

I clutched the handle of my suitcase and pulled it out of the front door. It was heavy, packed until it was fit to burst. I waited for my mom at the bottom of the path. She closed the door behind herself and sighed. Maybe she would miss it here too. The taxi pulled up just on time, he hopped out of the drivers seat, seeming chipper. He definitely had some pep in his step. He greeted us and put our suitcases in the trunk. We slid into the back and soon we were on our way to Cardiff international airport.

It was a long nine hour flight, I was exhausted. We'd managed to get our luggage in record time and we were now in a New York cab on our way to our new place. I looked out of the cab window, taking in my new surroundings. Everything looked so big. The lights, the sky scrapers. It was surreal.

Soon the cab came to a stop, we were here. I breathed heavily and stepped out of the cab onto the side walk. I looked up at what would be our new home.  

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