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* * * *

       "I see? Alright. Come in,"

"Thank you, coach." I thank, before making my way inside.

       "Sit, sit." Nodding, I take a seat on the couch. Coach sits across me, folding his arms.

    He opens his mouth,

       "So, what brings you here Bruce?" Gulping, I play with my hands before answering.

Taking a big deep breath, I say

       "So, today....I was with my friend at the carnival! And, he mentioned to me that there is still a spot open, in the girls baseball team! Is that....true?" He raises his brows,

       "Yes, there is? Where are you going with this, Bruce?" Coach's voice, filled with concern.

       Sighing, I smile

"Well, there's someone whose a very good friend of mine! Someone who could maybe take that spot! She's really good at playing, baseball! Her name is

       He sits up straight.

    "Y/N, huh? Has she been playing baseball, for a while?" Coach questions, serious. Oh well, shoot.

       "N-No, she hasn't....she just started learning- BUT! She's very good at-"

"Than no, Bruce. She can't join the girls baseball team." Coach interrupts.

       Growing frustrated, I say

    "But, listen coach! She's really good, as a starter. Please, let me introduce you to her tomorrow! Let her join! Watch. She'll blow you away,"

       Coach sighs, giving up.

    "Alright, than. Tomorrow. She better not disappoint."

Back At The Showalters!

       Entering Billy's room, I gasp. Observing everything that was in his room. Looking, in awe.

       Billy's room was kinda....all over the place.

He had a lot of football posters, in each wall! His walls were red. Clothes, scattered everywhere. His bed, not made. His trash can, full of trash....this room was something. That's for sure.

       Rover noticed me, running towards me barking. Kneeling down, I smile. Petting the dog.

       "Hey, boy!" I laugh,

       Billy watches the scene, with a smile on his face.

"Rover must really like you! He doesn't usually get that comfortable, with other people. He must really like you!"

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