Please Let Me Do My Work Deskmate Part 1

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   My name is Li Xianfu and this is my friend Fu NiFang. As we say goodbye to Junior high and Welcome to Senior Year, this is our last day in exam.. As  a Junior Student with a lot of A's while pushing myself overboard for extremely high grades. Then one day someone brought light to my life letting me know that life is not always all about studying and this is how my story started....(Teacher Jin) Everyone please to give Xiaofu a round of applause she came first this year again,(Students applaud and Cheer).. Ok students! As you all know your (EOJHY) End Of Junior High Year Exams are approaching and you all need to do well to get into a very good senior class.. Do you all understand? Yes Teacher Jin. Ok students, that's all for today.(Li Nifang) My dearest friend I see you won again this year congrats. Anyways I belive you will do well on this exam because all you get are A's, oh I just remembered, are you coming by My place today after school?(Xianfu) I am not so sure because we have to study for our upcoming exam I think I can come over for the summer though, is that ok with you. (Nifang) I wasn't even thinking of that, I guess that can work too.. good idea.(Liu Xiaoxan aka bully Lin) Who in this class is named Xianfu, I will beat her silly today so she won't even have the energy to say cheese for the camera."(Student whisper it's bully Lin)".(Xiaofu) I am Li Xiaofu how cam I help you miss.(bully Lin) Didn't I warn you to fail the exam that will help you to come first.(Xiaofu)Excuse me it's my life, my education, my future and you won't tell me what to do with it.(Nifang) Sorry to interrupt your little chit chat but I wouldn't advise you to do that because Xiaofu is a black belt taekwondo.(Bully lin) why? Is she going to cry to mommy?! So what if she's a black belt taekwondo does that have to do with me anyways? if she's a black belt taekwondo then I'm a red belt taekwondo haha.(Nifang) Just let her be, she will soon understand..

        Fades Out....

  (Principal Yan) What is going on here Xiaoxan? Bullying the top student I see (bully lin) I'll beat  you someday just you wait..(Xiaofu) Thank you principal Yan. (Principal Yan) No problem. Two weeks later..(Supervisor Yan) Good afternoon students as you all know today is you end of junior high year exam and for this English exam I will be you supervisor. My name is Mr. Yan and I will be supervising this you English A exam you may begin read the instructions and write your names on the paper, with no talking...(2hrs and 15mins later) Times up put down all pens and send your papers to the front after which you may leave (Nifang) Xiaofu can't believe we have one exam down already, we are so close to summer I have started counting down already.(Xiaofu)Well as they always say time wait's on no man.. (Bell rings) I guess it's time for the other exam..(bully Lin) Do you remember what I told you miss A+ I was going to beat you, well I guess today is your lucky day. (bully lin's right hand girl Qin Linhaoqin) Lin xiao the principal is coming to interrupt again.(bully lin) I'll make sure I hit you before I leave this time and no one can stop me. (bully lin tries to hit Xiaofu, Xiaofu dodges and hits bull lin to the door) (Principal Yan) Limping away I see! looks like you've got a taste of your own medicine.

 Fades Out..

(Last Day of exam)(Mr. Zhao) Ok students. My name is Mr. Zhao and I will be your supervisor today is the last day of you exam but it's still most important and the subject for today is Mathematics, which has both paper 1&2. As far as I know you are all supposed to be aware of the exam rules which is not talking, No does of communication not even winking. Now for the final instruction get your pens, pencils and calculators ready, you are about to complete your paper 1 Mathematics paper which consists of 40 questions, you may begin.....(12 hrs and 29 mind later) times up you may take an 1 break  when the hour bell rings you must return for paper 1 which consists of 60 questions..(Nifang) Holy cow! Xiaofu if in real life our immortality depends on our exam grades I would have failed a zillion time before I really made it as a detiy. (Xiaofu) The only reason why you wouldn't make it is because you never studied and you watch way too much k and C dramas silly. (Nifang) It's just a joke.. But for reals I felt like when I went into the exam feels like a computer being flashed but as have exited the room feels like a USB has been plugged to my brain to recall all the information. (1 he bell ring)(Announcement to all students who have a mathematics exam return to you correct bases or classrooms) guess that's our call Nifang. (In the classroom) Good afternoon students my name is Ms. Rose and I will be your supervisor for this your mathematics paper 1. You may begin.. 

     Fades Out....

 (6hrs and 29 mins later) Please send your paper to the front whether you are finished or not then proceeding afterwards you may leave..(Xiaofu) Summer alas. Nifang I guess we can finally say hello summer after all, I'm going to the supermarket to buy ice-cream for treat are you coming Nifang my treat.(Nifang) ok! Don't gotta spend unnessary money. (At the Supermarket) (Xiaofu) look at Mr.Cutie over there Xiaofu! (Nifang) I've never seen you stare at a boy for so long, what's up? But that's weird how comes you were dreaming is it that you've found or seen love at first sight, (Xiaofu) he's coming this way how do I look. (Nifang) Normal I guess. (Cheng Xulangyu) This has gone to far please stop looking at me because I don't like you get that in your head.(Xiaofu) Well that's rude. (Xulangyu) (Xiaofu thinking in her mind) Where have I meet this guy before? looks so familiar.... 


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