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The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 16 ~ Argument

Someone was carrying me. My head was definitely resting on someones shoulder.

"Walter?" I asked drowsily.

"Nah, Landon."

I opened my eyes and to my surprise we were outside. Heading away from my house. What was going on? How did he get here?

"Where's Walter?" I mumbled.

"You don't wanna know," he replied.

Landon opened a car door and placed me inside. I leaned my head against the window and stared outside.

I could see Walter.

A very angry Walter.

And someone that looked like my dad.

Two guys, Phoenix and one of the triplets were holding him back, and my dad was on the ground. Walter was yelling, but I could barely hear him. They managed to force Walter to the ground and Phoenix pressed his knee painfully into the small of Walters back, to stop him from moving. From where I was, I could see that Walter was hyperventilating, struggling to get to my dad, half of his face pressed against the ground. Phoenix whipping something out of his pocket and stuck in into Walters neck. 

"What are they doing to him?" I asked, my breath condensing on the window.

"Knock out drug," Landon replied. 

We watched as Walter became more and more limp, until his eyes fluttered closed. 

"You can't do that," I panicked, my breath catching. "That's wrong, you can't hurt him!"

Landon turned round to look at me. "He's not hurt Coral, it's painless. He will be fine, just calm down."

"No," I breathed. My head was thumping painfully. 

"Believe me when I say it get's much worse," Landon muttered. 

I watched as Walter's brothers lifted him up between them and carried him over to the car. Close up I could see that Walter still hadn't really recovered from last night. He was pale, and when they placed him in the car next to me, I could see the finger-shaped bruises on his neck yellowing.

Gomez slid in beside him and Phoenix slammed the door shut.

"Watch my car!" Landon shouted, but Phoenix either didn't hear or decided to ignore him.

Phoenix then walked over to my dad who was trying to get up. He grabbed him, and dragged him onto the house, slamming that door shut too.

"Does your head hurt?" Gomez questioned.

I nodded, still a bit drowsy.

"Hey Landon, should we take her to hospital? Have you seen the bump on her head?"

"No, they'll ask too many questions."

Phoenix got back into the car. "Drive."

Walter was leaning heavily on me. His breath was so quiet. How could his brothers do that to him? I know he was mad, but where was the humanity?

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