Morning kiss

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Tears streamed down her cheeks as I fucked her rough

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Tears streamed down her cheeks as I fucked her rough. This is the only way I want to make my queen cry.

She closed her eyes as she gave up begging and accept how hard and fast I was going. She wanted it rough so I'm giving it to her rough.

I continued thrusting into her wetness as she creamed all over my dick. I placed her legs over my shoulder then hugged them

"Fuck," she said.

Her walls tightens around my dick and I had to pause my movements inside her.

I released her legs and she wrapped them around me.

"Fuck Royalty," I whispered before using my finger to play with her clit.

She's so fucking tight

And yet she's dripping wet

"No fuck," she said as she tried closing her legs.

"Oh fuck! Enzo,"

Her body started shaking and I started moving once again.


"I'm cumming," she cried before her mouth formed an O.

She didn't stop shaking even when she got the chance to move my hand away from her clit.

With her legs forced open, I continue pounding in and out of her.

I soon placed her arms over my head then lifted her up. I sat back on the couch and she started riding my dick.

"Fuck this feels so good," she said as she rode my dick. I moved her hair from her face and she threw her back.

I placed kisses on her neck and chest as continues moving up and down.


In all honesty, this only feels great for women but I didn't have problems since she's enjoying it.

She moved her hips in circles as she looks down into my eyes. I started sucking on her hard nipples and she ran her fingers through my hair.

"Mhm," she moaned.

I soon pulled away before looking up at her.

"I love you," she said and I placed my hands around her waist. I pulled her into a kiss as I help her move her hips in a rhythm.

We pulled away and I lifted her up. With my hands underneath her thighs and her arms around my neck, I started lifting her body up and down my length

"I love you more princess," I said and she rest her forehead on my shoulder.


I was close to coming so I had to make her cum once more.

I leaned her back on the nearest wall and I started pounding into her merciless.

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