#6 Twin Obsessions

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--- This Chapter Has Been Slightly Edited ---

Chapter 6:

"That was real smooth of you back there, Dev." Nauti said sarcastically as he and Devlish entered the kitchen. Devlish winced slightly and rubbed the back of his neck at the tone of his brothers voice and knowing that he had been a royal jerk back there.. 

"I know, I know but, dammit Nauti, I just cant help myself. I lose my head every time I'm close to her." He said as he heavily fell into the chair by the island.

"Well, you're going to have to learn to calm down. We don't want to chase her away." Nauti said, sitting down opposite his brother.

Watching his twin Nauti knew that he was going to have to move fast. His brother was on the verge of breaking and he knew that when that happens they were going to lose Jesse. And he didn't want that to happen. Something inside him just knew that Jesse was the right one for them, they just had to get her to see it too.

Get her out of her shell, so to speak. And what a shell it was if the clothes and toys in her shopping bags was anything to go by.

Nauti shifted uncomfortably as he started to harden at the memory of holding the lacy thong and picturing it cupping her most private bits. The ribbon in the front had him thinking about how utterly delicious it would be to slowly strip her from her prissy clothes, like unwrapping a Christmas present, to discover the treasure underneath.

It was why he had dirtied her clothes to such a degree that he knew she wouldn't wear it, since it went against her nature. He wanted her to wear the clothes in the bags. He wanted her to allow herself to feel sexy and not hide herself from the world.

He just knew she was going to be hot as Hell.

Fuck, he couldn't wait to get his hands on her! Couldn't wait to show her that she didn't need toys to get herself off with Dev and him around, they would be all too happy to do it for her. In fact, he was going to show her what a pleasure it was for them to make explode. 

"How did she feel Nauti?" Dev asked softly, unexpectedly and Nauti frowned in confusion but the look in his brother eyes quickly made it clear what it was that he was talking about. 

"Like silk. Warm, smooth silk." Nauti said thinking back to the previous day, how Jesse had felt in his arms. The small, helpless whimpers of pleasures brushing against his ears. "And so fucking tight I swear I nearly came right there, imagining how she would feel around my dick."

Devlish made a small sound at the back of his throat as he pictured his brothers words.

"I want her, Nauti." Devlish said, his blue eyes shining with barely suppressed lust.

"And we'll have her, bro. I just need you to relax." 

"Who needs to relax?" Jesse asked as she walked into the kitchen carrying the tray with . . . food on it that Devlish had left in the room, having over heard the last part of what one of the brothers said.

Two sets of bright blue eyes swung her way.

"Fuck me!" She heard Nauti say and she struggled not to squirm underneath their heated gazes. She watched, feeling horribly apprehensive, as she they took in her outfit which, believe it or not, was the most conservative pieces of clothing in both bags.

The black leather mini skirt barely covered her ass with a white tank top stopped just above her navel and was cut so low that you could see that lace of the white WonderBra she was wearing peaking out and no matter how much she pulled it up, nothing was hidden. Her hair she had pulled back into her customary tight bun and her feet were bare.

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