super junior || henry

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You and Henry actually have plans for the night, having a little cook off and than watch a horror movie to keep the night occupied. But just when all these things could happen there was a sudden black out cause by the heavy storm outside. There is one thing you hate the most which was thunder, you will have little panic attack whenever you hear the thunder. Just when you could at least take a sit and calm yourself down you heard a loud thunder sound that made the house shake a little. You screamed out immediately that caused Henry to wake up from his nap. You squat down on the floor putting your hands on your ear covering it. Henry woke up and immediately came towards you and hugged you and told you not to worry and that he will protect you. You followed him to the bedroom and lay down on your bed, Henry who still hasn't got enough sleep cuddled up to you and hugged you tightly making you feel secure. Just when he was about to resume his nap he kissed your forehead and whispered " everything will be alright, oppa is here to protect you " those words made you feel safe and continued your sleep thinking that Henry is here to protect you.

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guys sorry about not updating for a long time. i have this whole week of exams and it is still not over but i decided to put up this little short imagine for you guys 😊😊

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