10 the package

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As we made our way over to G’s old house his guardians were leaving.

"Oh, Maggie, you have your old key right? Since the Police still want to run checks over... well umm, we are going to go to the lake for a few days; he always loved the lake..."


"Well, you just go in anytime you want to and..."

"Thank you.” I paused, “would you mind if Will and Chris helped me?”

“Oh, no, no that’s fine.”

“Okay, thank you.”

“We need to get going but it was nice seeing you before we left, we tried to find you by ringing your house but you weren’t there and we didn’t want to disturb Will’s household.”

“That’s OK, well drive safely.”

“We will.” And like that they were gone. I walked up to the door, took out my key, slipped it into the lock and turned, there was a slight click and I took a deep breath and pushed.

I stepped onto the threshold and allowed Chris and Will to enter before closing the door.

I walked up the stairs heavy thud after heavy thud and could hear the footfalls behind me.

I went to Gabriel’s room and pushed the door lightly. There was still nothing on the floor, but it was still slightly messy, showing a teenage boy lived here.

I walked over to his desk and ran my fingers along it. I heard a creak and looked backwards; the boys were standing in the doorway.

“If you want you can leave but you can come in if you want.”

They cautiously stepped over the barrier and I could see that they felt the atmosphere change.

“So, what do you want us to do?” Chris asked.

“Umm, I don’t know.”

“Maggie are you sure you’re okay?” came Will’s soothing voice.

I didn’t trust my voice so I nodded and made a sound that almost sounded like, “mm-hmm” for confirmation. I felt my eyes stinging and lifted my hand to my head and hung my head.

“Oh, Maggie.” Will hugged me, I tensed up at first a little taken aback, but relaxed after and pushed him away, “I’m fine, I’m just a little over-whelmed.


I went over to his wardrobe and started putting his clothes in one of the bags I had been given, I thought that it would be nice for his guardians if they didn’t have to I could tell that it would be too much for them.

At the back underneath a load of clothes was a big box. Then the doorbell rang. I went downstairs and opened the door.

“Hello. Mr.Dehell said I might find you here.” it was the policeman from the day before


“Have you read the letter yet?”

“Only the first couple of lines.”

“right well, it contains information about what to do with possessions and we have checked the possessions, you may have them.”


“Yes.” He handed me a small parcel, which they probably wrapped whatever was inside in.” I’m sure this is hard for you, but I’m afraid there is more to come, just take your time and do read that letter.”

I nodded and he walked away.

I walked up the stairs to find the boys had taken  Gabriel’s clothes and neatly folded them into the bag like I had previously been doing.

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