Happy birthday Regina

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I look into the mirror as I stared at the scar from my surgery

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I look into the mirror as I stared at the scar from my surgery. My fingers tips trailed the line that looks like that scar was almost fading away.

I finally accept her heart after finding out it was hers.

I accept the sacrifice she made for me and I now thank her everyday.

I felt like after I found out who's heart it was I was pulled closer to my heart knowing how much I love the owner.

I wasn't in love with you, Laura.

But I loved you so much.

You deserved the world and so much more. I'm sorry I couldn't give it to you. I failed you.

You had a wonderful heart you shouldn't have given it to the person who cheated on you and fail you as a lover.

I shook my head before letting out a sigh.

Her heart now beats perfectly inside me.

My doctor says that the best way to repay her is to live an amazing life.

A life she would want me to have

A very happy one.

I'm trying though Laura.

I'm trying to be happy. Even though deep down I know I would be happier with him by my side.

I looked away from my scar and ran my fingers through my hair. I soon entered my closet and got dressed

I exit my room after grabbing my holsters and went down the flight of stairs.

“Good morning miss Valentino,” my maid said as I stepped onto the last step of the staircase.

“Good morning Melissa,” I said with a smile.

“You look gorgeous- I mean you always look gorgeous,” she said while smiling.

“Thank you, Melissa and you look beautiful as always,” I said as we walked to the kitchen.

“For breakfast, the chef is whipping up something very special for you,”

“I already told her that making me breakfast is not necessary since I only drink coffee and head to work,” I said

“We know but since today is a special day she wanted to go all out,” she said

I thought I would walk through the living room but presents were blocking the doorway.

“Um- what’s all this?”

I looked at Melissa with a confused look and she looked at the gifts.

“The gift room is a bit packed already,” she said

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