Poem #20

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You find a pebble one day, you put it in your pocket,

You carry it around, call it a friend,

People laugh and tease, but you just put more pebbles in your pockets.

One day, you find your pockets full of pebblea and you don't know what to do,

You always kiss each one goodnight, and take them everywhere with you,

You've given each one a silly nickname, even the one with the sharp edge.

Your favorite is the soft one, with the smooth edge,

You like this one best and you tell it jokes.

You take it to the beach with you; it sits in your shirt pocket,

While the others are in your jeans pockets, feeling cramped.

While playing you drop the one with the smooth edge, your favorite,

You scramble to find it, digging in the sand where it blends in,

You don't pay attention to the others.

You don't notice when they spill out.

You don't notice when life comes,

You don't notice the way life greedily takes your pebbles,

You don't notice life walk to the water

And you don't notice life throw your pebbles into the water.

You don't notice them float away.

You find your favorite in the sand, the soft one,

You look back for your other pebbles,

They're gone.

You do notice the silent tears falling down your cheeks.

You do notice that the soft one has gone sharp, from when it fell.

You do notice life laughing.

(Dedicated to; Monkey, Rain, Galli, Tym, Moff, Panic, Stormy, Fayz, Aim, Cat, Tae, Becca, Captain Jack, Kyara and everyone that I've ever talked to on here; my pebbles.)

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