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Illyria's night went as follows; as soon as she stepped out the door Tristyn walked into the woods, an unfamiliar tug at her heart begged her to follow him but Rachel swooped in for a hug, she was then swallowed by the crowd. Not too long after Alpha Nick came and escorted her around to all the Alpha's. She smiled, made small talk but she still felt compelled to follow Tristyn and her gaze often lingered on the break in the trees where he had disappeared to.

She also felt eyes following her every move and once made the mistake of trying to find it source. She found it; both Michael and the repulsive future-Alpha Jackson stood by the refreshments table, their eyes following her as they discussed something. Jackson looked smug, relaxed even, like he knew something she didn't, but Michael, he stood talking rapidly to Jackson, he looked stressed, and every now and again he would made eye contact with her, looking away almost guiltily when he did. Illyria felt the pit of anxiety in her stomach grow, her senses working in over drive to compensate for the bad feeling in her gut.

"Illyria, are you alright?" Alpha Nick asked, a worried look on his face as he squeezed her shoulder reassuringly. Illyria turned to face Alpha Nick and plastered a small smile on her face, "perfectly fine," he looked skeptical so she sighed, fanning her face with her hands, "Just a tad overwhelmed, I'll be okay," he looked at her as though calculating her reaction and she felt bile rise in her throat, she took a sip of her drink, "I'll be okay Nick, I just need a few moment's alone, enjoy your evening."

Alpha Nick nodded before taking off towards the patio, a raised platform that acted like a stage. He clapped and the crowd hushed, turning towards the host. "If I could have your attention please," He smiled, "I know this night is for Illyria, but I would like it if all the Alpha's and their Beta's could join me in the drawing room. We have much to discuss."

Illyria watched as the crowd drained of powerful people, the atmosphere slowly becoming less suffocating as most of the dominant energy left the party. Alpha Logan walked past Illyria, giving her a small side hug before making his way towards the house. Now she was left with all the Luna's, pack members and the few Alpha and Beta-to-be's that weren't interested in the dynamics of pack politics.

Mild curiousity had Illyria watching the house, particularly the lights in the drawing room and the shadows that danced on the wall as the Alpha's moved about inside. She knew that they were probably discussing the Rogue War.

It had been on the back burner for decades, the Rogue attacks becoming rare, almost unheard of. Many people felt that it was the end of the war, that Rogues were finally becoming submissive to their Pack counterparts, but Illyria and a smart few knew, this was the wait, the calm before the storm. It was only a matter of time before they began to attack in earnest once more, and the pack's needed to be ready; needed to prepare as the onslaught would be worse than before. The Rogues were preparing, recruiting, planning.

Illyria's heart tightened as she thought of the mass casualties that the war would bring. Their kind on the brink of extinction; a small thousand left of the werewolf population that once dominated the world.

Illyria finished her drink and moved towards a small fire burning, where some Luna's sat with the pups, telling their origin story. Illyria grew up on that story; she loved hearing of the Native American, Indian, Australian and European tribes that hunted the wolf population, until a young chieftess saved a wolf her tribe intended to sacrifice. Her name was Ageni, meaning Spirit, and when her tribe cast her out, her own Chieftan writing her off as a disgrace in a fit of anger, the same lone wolf that she saved, saved her.

As the story goes, she found a place in their pack, her tribe now referring to her as the Wolf Girl, her name not to be spoken. Her Chieftan yearned for her, he loved her, and so he sought to destory the very wolves that ruined his young Ageni. He called on all the tribes he knew, and some he didn't, and a war ensued, the wolves themselves found allies in peaceful rogues, and ruthless packs; but when the battle came young Ageni ran into No Man's Land, the territory between the species, and begged the tribes not to fight. She began singing songs of the wolves peace, her body wracking with sobs as she tried to save the people, and wolves, she so desperately loved.

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