Day 22: Parks Are A Great Place For DMCs

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Cause you and I,

Ended over U.N.I


Start Destination: Oslo, Norway

End Destination: Oslo, Norway

Via: Oslo Spektrum


6:13AM (GMT) / 7:13AM (Local Time)


The next morning I am awoken by Levi shaking my shoulder gently. Slowly I open my eyes only to come face to face with him shushing me and looking around the room furtively.

"Get dressed," he whispers.

He proceeds to walk out of the room but not before depositing a piece of paper on the small bedside table next to where Rosie is sleeping.

I am confused but I do as he says none the less. Going along with what Levi said was something that became second nature when we were going out and it appears that I am yet to kick the habit, I make a mental note to stop as soon as possible. However now seems like it is too late to change my mind and so I quickly pull on some clothes before hurrying as quietly as possible out of the room and into the corridor where Levi is waiting.

"You finally made it," he murmurs as he grabs my hand and pulls me along the corridor.

"I didn't take that long," I insist.

"Sure," Levi agrees, "if you're living in snail time."

I am about to reply but Levi presses a finger to my lips to quieten me before walking out of reception and out into the surprisingly crisp morning air of Oslo.

"Where are we going?" I ask.

"It's a surprise."

"You're shit at surprises."

"That was one time!" Levi exclaims. "And how was I to know that cat's aren't a fan of glitter?"

I shake my head at him and focus on looking down at my feet. Levi and I are walking in time and the silence is maintained as we make our way to wherever Levi is leading us, our shoulders are occasionally brushing lightly and I give Levi a small shove when he starts to walk diagonally.

He says nothing but glares at me slightly before tugging on my hand to make me walk faster.

Eventually he pulls to a stop outside what looks to be a park and after stopping to buy us both a coffee and some sort of pastry, we sit down on a rusted bench and he turns to me expectantly.

"So..." he begins.

I say nothing and instead take a bite out of my food, my stomach is ready for breakfast and who am I to deny it?

"So..." Levi repeats, "I wanted to talk to you."

"You said yesterday."

"You're not planning on making this easy for me are you?"

"You've had eight months to have this discussion with me," I point out, "and I guess you could say that I'm kind of pissed off that it took us sleeping together to force you to have it."

"It wasn't the sex that convinced me to do this."

"What was it then? The fact that I've finally found out about how quickly you moved on."

Levi at least had the decency to look sheepish.

"Look Jess," Levi sighs, "I guess I've just finally managed to get my thoughts in order and I didn't really think I needed to give you an explanation. You got pissed at me – understandably of course – but I kind of got pissed off at you because of that. I suppose it took me seeing you again to realise that I didn't hate you."

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