Last goodbye

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When I woke up I was locked in a glass cage

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When I woke up I was locked in a glass cage. I looked around and I saw Lorenzo in another cage next to me.

He was sitting on the ground as he leaned on to the glass that was touching mine.

I looked to the other side and Dimitri and Sawyer were in another cage.

They waved at me with grins.


I almost smiled back at them

I got up and Lorenzo looked up at me. His face was bloody and swollen.

I placed my hands on the glass and he got up. “Are you okay?” he asked.

“Fuck if I'm okay. Are you okay?” I asked while looking him over.

It seems like he was tied up and beaten up real badly

I swear I'm going to kill that bitch

“How's your head?” he asked and the doors opened.

Stella and her guards walked in and we turned to her.

“Oh goody everyone's awake,” she said

“Go fuck yourself bitch,” Dimitri said while glaring at her.

“I did while thinking of your brother,” she said and we made disgusted faces.

Whatever floats her disgusting boat

“Lorenzo honey I brought you a new roommate," she smirked.

The door opened again and guards came in carrying a cage with Zara inside

“Zara," both Sawyer and I said.

Tears run down my cheeks as they placed her down.

I can tell she was in pain.

The sounds that were coming from her made me sad.

“I have been starving her for four days now,” Stella said as I looked at my baby.

I looked up at Stella as she looked at Lorenzo with a smirk.

Tigers aren't really known for eating humans but they'll attack them.

And I'm not sure what Zara will do once Stella puts her inside that cage with Lorenzo.

“Stella don't do this please,” I while looking at Zara as she smelled his blood through the air.

She was looking at him viciously.

“Oh look the queen begging,” she said before opening Lorenzo's cage.

“Please Stella don't. Put Zara in my cage please,” I begged.

“Shut up Royalty,” she said

“Stella don't fucking do this,” Sawyer yelled.

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