⏤͟͟͞͞☆ AT THE SHOWALTERS. ⏤͟͟͞͞☆

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* * * *

Billy and I got on our bike's, heading off to the restaurant that Billy was talking about.

    It was a nice bark ride!

It was dark out, a lot of people outside having a good time. Everything was just perfect. Looking ahead, I see a restaurant.

    Glancing at Billy, I say

"Hey, Billy. Is that the restaurant, over there??" Pointing, at the building. Billy nods.

"Ya! That's the one!" Nodding, I smirk. Pedaling ahead of Billy, laughing.


"WHAT?! NO FAIR!! YOU GOT A HEARD START!" I hear Billy yell, from behind me.

Laughing, I make it to the restaurant first. Billy catching up, putting his bike down. Looking at Billy, I laugh

"I win! I win!!" Billy rolls his eyes, playfully.

"Sure did, Miss."

"Let's head in?" Billy say's, holding out his hand. Thinking nothing of it, I intertwine my hands with his.

Billy, gently giving my hand a tight squeeze. Just friends. JUST friends.

Billy run's up to the door, opening it for me. Chuckling, I enter. We both walk up to the worker, "

Hello. Table for two??" She asks.

"Yes." Billy and I say, at the same time. The lady nods.

    Walking Billy and I to our table. Sitting down, she hands us the menu.

"You two know what you wanna drink?" Nodding, Billy and I say

"Milkshake, please!!" Gasping, I look at Billy. Billy, looking at me.

    Billy looked down, shyly.

"We'll share a milkshake...." Billy hesitates. Him, twirling a strand of his hair.

    The lady nods, writing it down.

"Okay, than! Your guy's milkshake will arrive, soon." She say's, walking off.

Leaning back in my seat, I laugh.

  "Guess we're sharing a milkshake, again. Might as well should just share our food, too." I joke. Billy smiles,

"Might as well."

"Try not to choke, again." Billy's face turns red, from embarrassment.

"I'll try...."

• • • •

Our food finally arrives. Billy and I, eating.

"MM! This food is really good! When you'd find out about this place??"

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