Sweet Darling Love

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"Gwen, you're on eggs. And Colton, you're making the waffle."

My brother scowls. "But why can't we just have one of the cooks do it, Jonas? That's what they're for."

"I sadly have to agree with him," Gwen comments as she opens the fridge. She retrieves a carton of eggs and sets it on one of the black granite islands.

My siblings just can't listen to me. I sigh. Gwen at least starts cracking the eggs, but Colton still stands between her and I, defying me.

"Will Mother even like this?" he asks.

"She'll love it. Now do I need to repeat the directions? You want to be a proper Beta, don't you?"

He shoots me a glare before grabbing the pre-made waffle mix out of the fridge. "That's not for another decade," he mutters. "Are you even going to pitch in?"

"Yes, obviously. I'm slicing the bananas, plating, filling the cup with syrup, and pouring the drink. Now, do you have any other pathetic comebacks?"

He ducks his head and plugs in the waffle iron. Gwen bites her bottom lip, containing a smirk. While she'll express her opinion, she'll always obey me, unlike Colton. We both know she wants the role of Beta. Even my parents do. But that's not the way things work in the Society. Girls do not become one of the Order. If I did not have my brother, the role would pass to my cousin, Erik. It's a pity. She's much more easier to handle than Colton.

With care, I remove the closest wine glass from the pantry that houses all of the glasses. I pour the orange juice one of the cooks squeezed last night into it and then take the eggs from Gwen. While I'm plating them, Colton passes me the waffle. Looking at it, it seems fluffy. My stomachs grumbles. Maybe I could have him make me one. I could always order him to be my personal chef. I'd receive a good laugh from that.

After I finish plating, we step back and admire our Mother's Day gift.

"Jonas," Gwen picks up the glass of juice, "I have to say your idea worked. I think she'll love it."

The three of us carefully make our way out of the kitchen and to the stairs. I hold the tray with the food, while Gwen holds the orange juice. I don't ever let Colton off the hook though. The three of us made a card, so he gets to hold the pink construction paper.

The plate and silverware tingles and rings as I ascend the stairs.

"What if she's already up?" Colton asks.

Gwen throws a him an annoyed look. "The sun is only starting to rise. I'm sure she's fast asleep."

"And we're going to wake her up?"

"No." I roll my eyes. "You are. You're going to jump on the bed and wake Mother and Father up."

"But she'll be upset with me."

"Colton, do it or I'll punch you." Gwen holds up her fist. "Now shut up, or you'll ruin the surprise, stupid."

He huffs. "You're such a brat."

She grins at him, her eyes malicious. "I know."

When we reach their room, Gwen pulls out the key she stole from their drawers yesterday. She inserts it carefully and turns it to the side. The hinges of the door are oiled often enough that it does not creak in the slightest as she pushes it forward. I nod to Colton, and with a deep breath he enters, approaching her side of the bed slowly.

And then he jumps. "Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!"

Our mother screams, and our father jumps off the bed. She grasps her heart. "Oh Colton, darling." She laughs running her hand though his hair. "Thank you, my darling."

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