Your Highness (SFW)

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"Here you are, your highness." You butler said as he placed your afternoon tea down.

You thanked him as you took a sip of it. When he was about to leave, you called out to him.

"Wait, (his name). May I have a moment of your time, please?" You smiled, patting the seat next to you.

"Of course, your highness. My time is always dedicated to serve you." He smiled back, faintly blushing.

After a while of just sounds of tea sipping, you spoke.

"Has anyone ever told you that you look very pretty?" You said, staring at him while caressing his hair.

"Y- your highness.. I- I'm (hard) flattered.. I believe you look very pretty as well." He stuttered, looking like a really ripe tomato.

As you were gushing over his cuteness while pinching his cheeks, he just sat there, eyes shut tight, pouting as he was too embarassed to look at you.

"Y- your highness I- I don't know what to say..." He blushed.

"Shh it's okay. You don't have to be so formal around me y'know." You chuckled.

"Then how shall I address you, your high- I mean.. hmph.." He wined.

"(your name) will do just fine hon." You giggled.

"Uh- uhm.. Pardon me your high- I mean (your name) but.. your majesty is calling me." He said as he stood up, hearing you mother's voice at the same time.

"Mhm see you later (his name)." You smiled.


"What kind of butler are you?! Such a simple job as delivering me some tea and you go and mess it up by spilling it all over the floor! You're lucky (your name) seems fond of you or I would've fired you already." You heard your mother yell as you went down the stairs.

You saw your butler kneeling on the floor, tearing up as he wiped the spilled tea (literal 'spill the tea sis').

"Mom, it's no big deal. It's just tea. It can be cleaned up, and remade." You said as you knelt down next to him, helping him clean.

"Y- your highness you don't have to-" He attempted to get the cloth but you leaned away (just use a mop sis).

"(your name). Royalty shouldn't be kneeling down! You should be the one knelt upon!" Your mom scolded (just get a mop so no one's kneeling).

You groaned as you took your butler's wrist and dragged him to your room.

"Y- your highness we shouldn't-" He tried to say but you were already inside as you locked the room (ohohoho~).

You sighed as you gently held his hands, "I want you to know that you are my butler and my butler alone. You don't have to take orders from my mom, or anyone. Just.. obey me. 'Kay?" (Hehe see what I did there?).

"T- thank you so much.. (your name)." He blushed.


You were silently reading a book in bed while your butler was cleaning your room.

"(his name). Come here." You said, not taking your eyes off the book.

"Yes, your highness? I mean (your name)." He smiled sheepishly.

You didn't say anything as you just patted the spot next to you, indicating him to sit down.

He blushed but complied anyway.

Once he was sat, you gently guided his head onto your shoulder, causing him to blush even more.

"Read." You said as you showed him your book, pointing to sentence.

He gulped then spoke, "B- but I'm just a servant boy. L- loving me would be a-a crime." The boy said to the pr- princess. "If it is a c- crime, then I'm willing to be b- behind bars just to get a chance to l- love you." The princess s-said as she took off her crown."

He paused for a moment, resting his chin on your shoulder to look at you with doe eyes, but you just gestured him to keep reading.

""This s-stupid crown means nothing to me. I w- want.. you. I need y- you. I love y-"" His storytelling was cut off when you placed a kiss to his temple.

He turned to looked at you and it suprised him even more when he felt soft lips on his.

That kissing went on for a while until you have him pinned down to your bed, book already diregarded and thrown on the floor.

He was hesitant with his hands at first but you took the initative and wrapped them around your neck without breaking the kiss.

Your hands, on the other hand, were all over him.

They went to caress his face and his neck.

They went to feel his toned chest and stomach from under his dress shirt.

They went to squeeze his bottom and his muscular thighs.

They went to glide around his shoulders, up to his arms, unwrapping them around your neck, pinning both of his hands above him, and finally breaking the kiss to look at him.

He was panting and a blushing mess, looking at you with half-lidded eyes.

There was some drool on the corner of his mouth which you shamelessy wiped off with your thumb.

"Y- your highnes.. I- ah!~"


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