My Scar and the Past

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The doorbell rang and I answered the door

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The doorbell rang and I answered the door.

“Hey,” she said and I looked her up and down before walking away.

I know

I'm a bitch

I went back to the kitchen as Lorenzo finished cooking. She followed behind me and entered the room after me.

“I know I'm early but without any signal and nothing to do I got bored,” she said

“It's okay,” Lorenzo said with a smile.

“Do you need help?” she asked and he nod after looking at me. 

A few minutes passed and he made her taste the sauce.

“Ten out of ten,” she said and he smiled

“Baby come taste it,” he said and she looked at me.

“No thanks,” I said and he sighed heavily.

“I'll go set the table,” Kelonie said before walking out.

He took off the apron and walked towards me. He was still shirtless. He cupped my cheeks and I looked at him.

“I wish I knew how to fix things between us,” he said and I looked away.

You wouldn't have to fix anything if you didn't do anything to break us apart.

He placed a kiss on my head and I closed my eyes as I held on to his hands.

I sometimes wish I did or could forget everything

But he betrayed me and it still hurts.

I removed his hand and got up as Kelonie walked in.


“Did you ever get that restaurant," Kelonie asked as my free hand went to my scar.

I didn't have to be that lucky

I could have died

My dad didn't have to find me at the time that he did.

“Yes I did,” Lorenzo said and I removed my hand as I looked at them.

I haven't touched my food since I was given it.

The food smelled great I just couldn't bring myself to eat anything.

Flashback from that night keeps taking over my head.

I used my fork to play with my food as I zoned out once more. Soon I felt a hand on my thigh. I looked at him and he gave me a concerned look.

The warmth from his hand was comforting. I placed my fork down and placed my hand under the table.

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