pt 36.

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| 𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚛𝚍 𝙿𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚘𝚗 |


La'Paris sat in his bed in full disbelief he had a son a whole kid by Amelia?

He felt different knowing he had a child he didn't want to feel the way he did but he did he understood what all happened that night but he didn't want his child growing without a father or not knowing who he was.

He hasn't talked to Serena about it yet but Dominic and Deandre knew and Semaj he wanted to tell his sister but he couldnt..

"What's wrong Papi?" Serena asked placing 2 kisses on his lips while taking her work clothes off.

"I'm good you straight?" He asked brushing it off.

"Yea just tired working 3 jobs in a day isn't fun" she shrugged causing him to hum in response.

"Um..I'm taking a shower can you sit while I take it please?" She asked grabbing her towel.

He stood up pulling his sweats up making her smile.

She found him 'pretty' he thought it was weird but she liked it.

"Mmm yo' ass getting fat" he smirked taking on cheek into his whole hand.

"Stop it yo' raro" she giggle moving his hand.

"Don't do that you know ion understand that shit" he mugged sitting on the toilet.

"That's the point tonta" she rolled her eyes taking her bra and underwear off.

"Stop looking at me" she frowned turning on the water.

"I seen all that plenty of this don't play" he said smacking her ass.

"So annoying" she mumbled getting into the shower.

After her shower La'Paris didn't want to give her a towel for the past 15 minutes.

He just wanted a peek but she was being stingy so he wasnt giving her the towel.

"La'Paris give me the towel please its cold" she whined standing in the shower.

"Get out and get it I seen your ass naked before" he shrugged scrolling on his phone.

She huffed opening the glass door holding onto her titties reaching across him grabbing her towel.

"Lemme see em" he said grabbing her hand removing them from her titties.

"Boy stop" she mugged quickly putting her towel on.

"Man you tryna be funny" he sucked his teeth leaning back on the toilet.

"Nobody trying to be funny stop being nasty" she spoke rolling her eyes.


Serena spreaded her legs tying her hair up into a ponytail before Semaj sat down with an attitude.

He hated I mean HATED getting his hair retwisted it always got combed put first then was retwisted it always felt like hell.

"Do you want your hair done or not you got school pictures and football pictures I don't know why you mad" she stated as he mumbled under his breath.

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