Grayson is my bully??

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I went home and it was a usual day. I woke up and got ready for school . it's really hot outside so I'm gonna wear some high waisted shorts , a crop top and some vans . I straightened my hair and did my makeup . for my makeup I put on a thin line of eyeliner  then I put on some mascara and a little lipgloss . I got my bag and went downstairs to eat breakfast . my mom was downstairs 
"Hey mom" I said.
"Hi sweetie " my mom said .
"What's there for breakfast " I said while sitting down .
"Waffles , and some bacon and orange juice " my mom said .
I was really hungry so I ate it all.
I finished and before leaving u kissed my moms cheek , and asked her for $30 because I'm going to the movies after school.
I walked out the door and walked to school. it was only a few blocks away from my house .
On my way to school I saw the twins .
I walked up to them and said hey .
"Hi Aria " one of them said while the other one ignored me . I think the one that answered was Ethan  and it was.
"Wanna go to the movies or something after school" Ethan asked .
"Yea I was gonna go anyway" I said .
The rest of the way was quiet , an awkward quiet . I got to school and went to my locker. Grayson was staring at me .
"What " I said .
"What do you mean what " Grayson said .
"You were staring at me " I said .
"No I wasn't , I know you like me but Why would you make up something like that ?" Grayson said mad .
"I didn't make it up you w..." Before I can say we're , he pushed me to the ground .
"I told you to stop saying things about me " Grayson said .
"But I di" again before I can say didn't , he picked me up and slammed me against my locker . I hit my head really hard and started to cry because that's how bad it hurt .
"Why do you hate me " I asked him .
"I don't hate you , its just that..  " Before he finished saying anything his friends came up behind him and he said
" I hate you so much you f*****g s*ut "
Then he threw me to the ground , kicked me , and left .
I was in the floor crying then Ethan came running and said
"what happened "
"Nothing , I'm ok just forget it" i said them left.
The rest of my day was normal , I couldn't stop thinking about Grayson , why he hates me , and how he became my bully . now I don't see him as my crushes brother , Grayson Dolan my friend. But I see hi. As my crushes brother, Grayson Dolan my bully .
School was over and Ethan walked up to me and said
"Hey ready to go to the movies "
"No , I'm sorry , I have to much on my mind , how about another time " I said .
"Why what happened  Ethan said ..
"Nothing important " I went home and was sad all day , all I could think about was Grayson . why was I so sad , I like his brother not him . well let's see how tomorrow goes .

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