(2) lunch

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Cody Herbinko.

The name replayed and replayed in my mind. He was all I could think about all day. I could barely focus in class even without him in the room. He made everything so difficult.

That was until the bell rang, signaling it's lunch time. My favorite part of the day.

I hurriedly grabbed all my stuff and made my way down the hall. I spotted Tyler flirting with some girl next to his locker. As I walked by I grabbed his arm and pulled him away.

"What the fuck Na-"

"You have a girlfriend Ty, now come on." I said, dragging him behind me. He eventually regained his balance and walked beside me.

"You should be thanking me, Dillon." I said. Tyler Dillon was his full name. We passed people as we made our way to the cafeteria. When we got there we got to our normal table, where Kale was sitting, we sat down with her.

"Naomi, can we please go shopping tonight? It's Friday and I haven't been in a while." she asked, biting into her apple.

I laughed at the whiney expression on her face. "Sure" I agreed.

I heard someone sit down beside Ty. Normally it was just the three of us. When I looked up my jaw fell. I pulled it back up before anyone noticed.

It was Cody. The same guy who winked at me. The same guy who's been on my mind all day. I didn't stare long but lip ring much.


I slid my phone under the table, even though were aloud to have it out during lunch. I had to rant. To somebody.

to : kale!
wtf is it hot in here or is that just him bc hm yummy

to: naomi
pls your embarrassing

to: kale!
honestly don't even deny it

to: naomi
I'll hook you up

to: kale!
pls do I'm desperate

to: kale!
jk don't. I'll kill you

to: naomi
I won't

to: naomi
now pls talk and stop texting me we look like idiots who can't communicate right

to: kale!
ok I guess I'll talk but omGg CoRRET ME IF IM WRONG ! but I swear it's really fucking hot in here don't u think?

to: naomi
shut the hell up

"Oh! Cody, Naomi and I were just talking about going to the mall tonight. Do you want to join? Ty would be there as well." Kale invited, sneaking a quick glance in my direction.

I cut my eyes at her and looked back at Cody. Who was looking at me..

"Is that alright?" he asked me. I didn't want him to think I don't like him.

"Of course." I smiled.

Lunch was finally over. Now, so was my day. Those last two periods after lunch, one I shared with Cody. Why is he in so many of my classes?!

After the last bell of the day rang, I got up from my seat. Relief washed over me and now I don't have to worry about this shit for two whole days!!

I walked out of the classroom through the hall and out the door. The sun giving me a warm greeting. I started to my car, only to get interrupted by something.

Or should I say someone.

"Hey, Naomi!" Cody said.

"Oh hey, Cody." I actually didn't mind stopping, for once.

"So, this mall thing. Does Kale want me to like dress up or dress casual?" he started blabbering, aw he's so cute.

"You can just wear this" I said, tugging at his shirt. "You look good"

"Thanks" he thanked, and gave me a small wave before walking away.

I waved back before turning around and silently cheering to myself. I hopped in my car and just started smiling. I couldn't help but to feel silly but in that moment I was very happy.

I drove up to the front of the school were Kale was and waited for her class to be done.

haha took me a while sorry

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