#49 Stiles/Aiden

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"Are you sure?" Ethan quizzed, his nervousness was completely foreign.  Ethan was usually calm and collected like his brother Aiden, though I guess it's understandable given the circumstances.

"Trust me, Danny sucks at holding grudges" I assured him "you two will be back together in no time."

"I hope so" Ethan sighed and I found my eyes drifting over to Aiden in the corner, his glare glued at me and I shrunk away.  I don't know why he even hates me so much.  Eventually he just shook his head and pulled Lydia into a strong embrace and smashed his lisp into hers and I just sighed.  Why do I have to have such a big crush.... on a straight guy.... who hates me.... who would probably kill me if he got the opportunity.

"Stiles, are you okay?" I heard Ethan quiz from beside me and I shook my head, turning toward him.

"Yeah, I just caught your brother glaring at me for the millionth time" I sighed.

"He's not all bad" Ethan offered "he likes to act all tough but if you really knew him, you'd know that it's all just an act."

"I guess" I shrugged.

"Well, I have to get to gym class, but I'll see you around Stiles" Ethan chanted as he hurried off to class.



I got home from school utterly exhausted.  I threw myself down on my couch, about ready to take a nap, when my relaxation was interrupted by none other than my twin brother.

"What the hell were you doing talking to Stiles in the hallway today?!" he demanded in a growl as he shoved at my legs, dangling off the arm of the chair.  I let out a sigh as I sat up in the seat, tilting my head to look at him.

"Were not at war anymore Aiden, it's not like I'm in cahoots with the enemy" I grunted as I pushed myself off the couch and started to head toward the kitchen.

"Maybe we aren't at war, but that doesn't mean we go off and become best friends with them and crap" he grumbled at me as I stooped down to grab a coke from the fridge.

"You know, I don't understand what you're problem is with him Aiden, he's actually a really cool guy if you'd take the chance to actually talk to him" I sighed as I snapped the tab on my can.

"Yeah, I'm sure him and his little gang of wannabes are" he muttered walking over to the cupboard, searching for a snack.

"It's not my fault your jealous ass has a wittle bitty crush on the kid" I joked, trying to rile him up.  I expected him to start going off on me, but was surprised when he finally just shut up.  I furrowed my brows as I walked up next to him, only to see his cheeks were red and he had a conflicted look on his face.  Are those tears forming in his eyes?  Is my brother about to cry?

"Wait... Aiden.... are you gay?  For Stiles?" I asked softly, sensing that this was a delicate subject, but Aiden quickly whipped around, shoving me backwards.

"Oh fuck off Ethan" he snapped "just because we're twins doesn't mean we have to be the same in every aspect of our fucking lives."  I widened my eyes as he stormed out of the kitchen.  I knew he didn't mean it and that he was just frustrated and confused.

I mean, this is the kid that would beat up the other kids at school for picking on me when I first came out of the closet when we were 14.  I just hope he can figure out his feelings before he hurts himself or Stiles...



I ended up walking to the park after school.  My jeep was in the shop and I wasn't exactly up for riding the muggy bus with all the annoying screaming of the other kids.  There wasn't anyone here, seeing as how most kids were at school, so like an idiot, I made my way over to the play structure.

I smirked as I stood below monkey bars, able to grab them while still having my feel planted firmly in the ground.  This structure seemed so much cooler when I was shorter.  I sighed, turning around, about to head to the swings when suddenly I was being shoved back against the thick metal beam of the monkey bars.

"What the fuck makes you think you can talk to Ethan" Aiden spat in my face and I flinched backwards at the harshness of his tone.  I didn't even know how to respond, but that didn't stop Aiden from continuing his rant.

"I can't even believe you" he growled, releasing his hold on me, but I was frozen where I stood "I mean I have to see your stupid face every single day.  In the halls at school, in chemistry class, at the freaking pack meetings."

"And you're always hanging out with freaking Ethan!" he continued in anger "I mean, we look exactly alike so what is it about him that makes you want to hang out with him?  I mean, am I not good enough or something?"  His rambling was starting to get a bit confusing and disconnected, and he was starting to breath hard.

"I mean I try so hard.  I push it away, I tell myself I'm just going damn crazy" he muttered under his breath "I try to avoid you, but you're always there."

"Aiden" I finally drew the courage up to speak "are you okay?"

"No I'm not freaking okay Stiles!" he screamed "I'm a freaking mess!"  And that's when he did something that I never thought he would do in years.  He smashed his lips into mine, his hand firmly planted on the sides of my face.  When he finally pulled away, he sunk to the floor and I just stood there awestruck.  I couldn't even think clearly enough to move, until I heard the soft sobs from down below.  I finally blinked and looked down to see Aiden curled in on himself just bawling.

"Aiden?" I whispered.  It was the most bizarre sight I've ever seen in my life.  Aiden is always acting so harsh, so to see him falling apart was crazy.  I eventually bent down in front of him.  Without thinking, my arms instinctively reached forward, grabbing his chin and raising his face to look at me.  He didn't even fight my movements.

I didn't even bother speaking, I just moved my thumbed and gently wiped away his tears and he just sat there looking at me with a broken look.  Slowly, I moved my position, sitting next to him, wrapping my arms around his torso and he shrank into me, feeling smaller than me for the first time ever.

"Stiles I-"

"I know Aiden, I know" I whispered, as I felt his head sink on my shoulder.  We just sat there like that for a long time before Aiden was finally able to calm himself down.

"I like you Stiles" he whispered finally and there was a short silence before I responded.

"I like you too Aiden" I whispered back.

"Can I try something?" he asked and I let him take my silence as a yes.  I sat there as he slowly, gently pulled my face towards him, until his lips were resting softly against mine, the best kiss, the kiss I'd been waiting for....


Hey guys, so there it is.  Another one shot!  I hope you guys all enjoyed and I'll try and update again really soon!  Thanks for reading!  ^_^

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