Naughty (SFW?)

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You had a husband. Your arranged marriage was the product of your and his parents' greediness and desire to become wealthier.

You neither liked nor disliked him. You treat him like a stranger and he treats you the same.

"I'm going out." You said as you fixed your hair on your way out the door.

"Where are you goin-" Your husband cuts himself short once he heard the front door close.

He sighed as he took his car keys and discreetly followed you. He saw your car, parked outside a club so he went in.

There he saw you, dancing rather intimately with another guy.

He thought you looked absolutely stunning and it infuriated him, seeing you looking like that with someone else.

He went on the dance floor, slid his arm around your waist and, trailed kisses along the side of your neck, all while glaring at the guy in front of you.

You turned your head to see your husband and chuckled.

"Sorry but, as you can see, my husband gets very jealous easily." You smirked at the guy while your husband still kept giving you neck kisses.

Once he left, your husband gave you a light bite on your neck, making you wince in response.

"Let's go home. You've been really naughty tonight so it's only right to give you a punishment." He whispered into your ear while carrying you bridal style out of the club.

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