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Yn pov

As we finally arrived at the fun park, the first thing we did was to eat.
I got a hotdog cause it was the most normal food.
I didn't even pay attention to what the others got cause I was hungry af.

After we ate, we, also called Javon wanted to go on a ghost roller coaster. Which was a bad idea.
I mean food before a roller coaster? WHO DOES THAT?

We needed to build groups of 2 so Jayla and Javon went together even tho Jayla wanted to be with me. Me and Jaden were left so we then went together. Daelo sadly couldn't come with us cause he was too young.

"I promise I'm going on whatever you want next. And if the other don't want to came with you, I'm still coming!" I made sure Daleo is also having fun.
"Thank you! Your like the best!" Daelo said smiling and hugging me before it's mine and Jadens turn to go on this roller coaster.

"I'm here if your way too scared,okay?" Jaden said comforting me.
"Thanks. I'm here too, if.. yk, your getting too scared." I chuckled.
"Thanks babe." He smiled.

The whole ride me and Jaden hid our faces. Because there were lots of jump scares and it was pretty fast too.
As we thought we are done with the roller coaster we looked up again but then..

We heard Javon scream?!

"Don't they'll me it's not the-"
Jaden couldn't even finish his sentence as he was scared by a zombie.
Oh god I was never this scared but also never this amused, let's just forget about me being half deft cause Jaden literally screamed into my ear.
"Jaden don't scream inTO MY EARRRRR!!!!!" I said screaming even louder and louder as I got scared and it hit faster.
"WATCH YOURSELF!" Jaden screamed back.
"WAIT LIKE ACTUALLY!?" Jaden asked confused and scared.


"How was it?" Daleo asked.
"Not good." Javon answered for everyone.

Even tho Jayla tried to play it off.
"I was more scared of Wannas screaming than the actual ride." Jayla whispered to me.
"I heard your screaming too." I chuckled.
"Wait what?" She asked.
I just smiled and walked to Daleo.

"Have a Idea where you want to go?" I asked him.


We spend the whole day at the fun park.
By time it was 9pm. It closes at 10pm.
1 more hour.

I was done, tired, hungry. All I want to do is go to bed and sleep.
So we're the others, so we headed back home.

On the ride me and Jaden fell asleep while cuddling.
I woke up by small kisses on my forehead.

"Time to wake up, we're here!" Jaden whispered, with excitement.
I just pecked his cheek and got out of the car.


Everyone immediately fell asleep.

I'd give the day a 10/10 but the ghost ride a -10/10, I was about to throw up.
What do we Leads out of it?
Never, and I mean never eat something before your going on a roller coaster OR a ghost ride.

The next day

Another day, another slay!

Today we are going to another fun park, also called Aqua-park!!

I woke up at 9am or something like that, I brushed my teeth did my hair and did my skincare.

Of course I got dressed and then had a simple apple as breakfast cause breakfasts are overrated.

I packed everything I need for the park and put on my swimsuit under the actual clothes.


As we arrived we took off our clothes and decided on what slide to go fist.

"I'd say let Daleo pick" Jayla suggested.
"Yess!" Daleo said.
"Well, I wanna go on this one!" He pointed on a slide his age.
"Being honest it even looks fun, compared to some of here." Javon said.
"Facts." I agreed.

After 4 hours of going on water slides we decided to swim.
We got into a pool with floaties.
Javon attacked the unicorn one while I got the duck one.
Jayla got a doughnut, Daleo a car and Jaden a pineapple.

We stayed there for 15 minutes cause we got bored.

"LETS GO LIVE!!" Javon shouted.
"Your obsessed with going live." Jaden admitted.
"He's not wrong" I said agreeing with Jaden.
"Whatever let's just go live then, it's like the i ly good idea rn" Jayla said.


"Sup y'all!" Javon greeted.

username: Jaden and Yn need a shipname!!
username: Those are big floaties!
username: what's y'all biggest dream?
username: are yall single?
username: who's y'all celebrity crush?
username: who's y'all fictional crush?

"They really do need one!" Jayla confirmed.
"Yes! the floaties are huge! Im drowning on them. Daleo said.
"My dream is to be in the MLB one day!" Jaden said excited.
"Be a famous actress." Jayla said.
"Best boxer on earth, yk" Javon said.
"Be a famous tik toker!" Daleo said.
(I made this one up)

"( your biggest dream)" I said.

"Jaden and Yn are not, me and Javon are single, and well Daleo us obviously single too" Jayla answered.

"Celebrity crush? Like Jenna Ortega" Javon said.
"Is Yn a celebrity? No? Nvm, Yn!" Jaden said.
"Well I'm here with Jaden. I guess he's saying something right. Yns mine!" Jayla said.
"Ynn!! If she'd be a celebrity!" Daleo said.
"Stop, I'm blushing." I said sarcastically.
"Mines Jaden or ( your celebrity crush). I answered.

„Fictional? i have no idea."  Jaden said.
„ELSAAA or LOLAAA!!" Javon screamed.
"Being honest id even say Hermione." Jayla said.
(Made it up.)
"Idk, KING BOB!" Daleo said giggling.
"( your fictional crush) he/she is just.. 10/10!" I said.

(My answer would literally be Draco Malfoy,
I was obsessed with him a year ago)


1 hour passed by


"Okay talk to y'all again, someday!" Javon said ending the live.

2 more hours being on the water slides

"Y'all good?" Jess asked.
"Tired!" We all said at the same time.
"Wanna go home?" DJ asked.
"YESS!" We all said.


This day is a 100/10 for sure!


I'm probably not doing more than 50 parts on this story so sadly it's coming to an end.

No worries I do have another idea.

Let me know if y'all want another story!

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