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       Y/N grab's my hand, dragging me to the ride's.

Looking down, I stare at our hands. My breathing, quickening.

Me eyes, processing to what I am seeing. We're holding hands. She's holding my hand! She's actually holding my hand....

       Looking up, I smile.

       All of us were at a random spot, eating our food. I was eating a slice of pizza.

    About to take another bite, I feel someone tap my shoulder.

Looking up to the side, I see Bruce. He wasn't looking at me. Looked as if he was looking at something, or someone else.

    Bruce opens his mouth,

       "Hey, Finn. Is that your sister?" Raising my brow, I look. Sitting up, I gasp. Y/N!

But, she wasn't on her own. She was with Billy! Billy, Showalter.

       "Ya. That's her!" Bruce looks at me,

"Whose that besides her??"

  "That's Billy Showalter. Paperboy. Y/N's little crush." Bruce makes a surprised expression.

       "Y/N has a crush?? Has a crush on him?" Shrugging, I say

"Well, pretty sure she does. She's always hanging out, or talking with him. He even got her flowers!!" Bruce nods,

"I see. They look like they would make a pretty good couple...." Smiling, I nod.

"Ya. Ya, they do."

       Billy and I went on multiple fun rides! Now, just walking around.

Looking to the side, I see a huge stuffed animal that I liked! I stop walking, causing Billy to stop walking as well.

He stands next to me, seeing what I was staring at. Looking at me, he say's

       "Want it??" Billy ask's. Gasping, I say

"YA! I MEAN- it looks nice? I don't know...."

  "I'll win it for you." Billy say's, taking out a ticket.

       "W-WHAT?! You don't have to-" But, Billy was already handing his ticket to the man.

"Here's my ticket." Sighing, I walk up to him.

       "Alrighty. You have to throw the ball into each of those slots, without missing!" The man explains. Billy nods.

"Easy." Billy say's, confidently.

       Billy raises the ball, throwing it. Billy, making it to the slot perfectly!!

Billy kept throwing the other three, not missing ONCE! He now just need's to make the last ball, into the slot. In order to win!

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