Chapter Twenty Six

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I didn't respond, just waited for her to continue. The silence grew before Sian gave an impatient sigh at my not playing along. 'Well, I believe the spell provided us with the ability to understand the people here and be understood. Like Loi said, we asked for all the necessary things to be in place.'

'It makes sense,' Loi pointed out. 'There's been more than one thing that we probably should have had different terms for but they seemed the same here.'

I nodded to Loi, still refusing to be baited by Sian. 'It did occur to me when we arrived in Lothost. I just didn't want to over think it, in case it somehow stopped working.' I couldn't help but shudder as I said that. The very idea of not being able to communicate scared the heck out of me.

KASSIE LISTENED WITH interest to Sian's explanation. It fitted what had occurred to her. But Cat's comment caused a sudden bubble of anxiety. What if now that they knew it wouldn't work?

The guard at the throne room greeted them as they passed. 'Good day, ladies, you look like you could all do with a good rest.'

A couple of corridors down Loi suddenly spoke up. 'I was so relieved we could understand him! I had this sudden thought that I wouldn't be able to!'

Kassie and Cat started laughing. 'Me too,' they chorused.

Sian shook her head in disbelief at the three of them. 'Honestly you lot, you have no clue.'

I SNORTED THEN stuck my tongue out at Sian before winking at the others. Like she had known for sure, no spell she'd ever cast had done this before. After showering we all climbed into bed. Yakov had promised to send Nnelg in to wake us before lunch. It felt like I had just closed my eyes when I opened them again, groggily wondering what had disturbed me.

A jet of fire burst across the room. I shrieked and dove out of bed, the others doing the same. 'NNELG!' roared Loi, her face red as she sighted the little blue dragon. We heard a chuckle and then the little cretin blinked out of the room. I staggered to my feet. The room spun so I sat back on the bed for a moment, then I stumbled around and pulled on fresh work-out gear. The others moaned about their arms aching but I didn't even notice mine. I was too busy floating in my own cloud of happiness. Alek would be at lunch.

And. He. Wants. Me.

My heart sang with joy.

KASSIE GLANCED OVER at Cat to see how she was. She had an enormous smile on her face. Kassie rolled her eyes and chuckled. 'We're going to have to put up with a super sappy Cat now aren't we?' Loi and Sian laughed when Cat blushed, then laughed and nodded. She felt a rush of joy for her friend; I'm so glad they've sorted it out.

WE HEADED TOWARD the Great Hall, all the while discussing creative ways to get back at Nnelg. Well, I swung between those ideas and some others in my mind, but I wasn't sharing those. When we reached the Great Hall laughter and applause greeted us. Nnelg sat center table, preening his wings and looking very proud. Yakov and Elena attempted disapproving looks at the little blue cretin, but failed. 'Gee I wonder who gave Nnelg the clever idea,' Loi said sarcastically.

The guys and others teased us through most of lunch but I didn't care. My appetite had returned in a rush, it was so good to enjoy food again. Alek pulled my chair close to his, so we leaned against each other while we ate. Everyone promptly switched from teasing us girls about Nnelg, to teasing Alek and me. I smiled smugly and continued eating.

After lunch we followed Yakov and the Lieutenants to the training room. We could hear a loud murmur of voices as we approached. Yakov glanced back and gave us a warm smile. 'The General Guard are looking forward to learning new skills from you.' We all ignored the humph noise that Iggy made—the men had told us his nickname during weapons training. We entered the door that Yakov held for us and walked to where the Lieutenants waited. The room was crowded and I started in surprise at the few female faces I noticed in the crowd. I hadn't expected that, but there they were. I'd counted at least ten women already and there looked to be around a thousand people in the room.

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