You're Drooling

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Ethan pov

It was early hours of the morning and Lily was still talking to her brother, Charlie had fallen asleep on the chairs but I couldn't fall asleep. I couldn't stop watching her, damn I'm whipped. What is it about this girl? Is it her laugh? Her personality or the way her eyes light up? I don't know but I guess you fall in love with the unexpected person at the most unexpected time.

"Ethan.... Ethan " I heard her voice bring me out of my daydream. 
"Yeah sorry" I looked at her to see her smiling softly at me wit made my heart explode, this girl could be the death of me.
" I was just saying to Lil that she shouldn't go home alone, to an empty house " her brother said "would you mind letting her sleep at yours?"

"It's only if there's no inconvenience " she says quickly looking at her brother " but I'm fine going home , Honestly"

"No, your brothers right, you shouldn't sleep in your house by yourself."You can stay with me for a while" she looked at me raising an eyebrow as I smirked.

"Thanks Ethan " she says and gets up to wake Charlie on the other side of the room.As I watched her I felt someones eyes on me.

" Thanks man " I hear Kallum say, " you care a lot for her and I'm glad she's been through to much " I look at him he's smiling at me, I smile back.

"We are just friends that's all" I reply, I then looked back at her to see her smiling at Charlie's sleepy face , she deserves a great love a love that gets written about. 

"I didn't imply that but...No I don't think you are 'before I could ask him what he meant lily butted in.

" We are ready thank you so much King "She says teasing

"No problem Reed " I reply to her

" Goodnight, see you tomorrow " she kisses her brother goodbye and we make are way out of the hospital.

Lily pov

We dropped Charlie home and said we'd see him tomorrow. I'm so tiered but so happy my brother is awake he's okay and I get to see him tomorrow, now you're probably wondering why I didn't go home.

Well, I'm scared yes, Lily Reed is scared that as soon as she gets to her room Daniel will be there, and Kallum didn't want me in the house alone so he asked Ethan. I was quite surprised he let me stay considering we aren't that close.

"Thank you Ethan for everything " I say looking at his face while he drives, I noticed that he held an unknown emotion in his eyes but I couldn't quite place it, it was like he was scared but I'm not sure. 

"Lily it's no problem, to be honest I know your safer here then at home, " he replies keeping his eyes on the road."I don't want you to be alone after what happened" Then we drove in silence, and I felt my eyes drift shut.

Ethan pov

We had finally arrived at my house but I couldn't bear to wake her, she looked so peaceful. While we were driving her head rested on my shoulder and it was still there I know it sounds mushy but it felt nice and gave me butterflies. God I need to get laid. Fast.Maybe Zoe is free?

" Lily...Lily?" I whispered into her hair

"Hmmm " she replied snuggling into my shoulder more which made me want to pull her closer. " We're home "

" Okay " she stays there for a little while then gets out of the car. I got out, walked up to the door and opening it to see that Lily walked straight in not waiting. She walked up the satires like she knew the place like the back of her hand, my eyes followed her until she got to the top, and she turned around. 
"You all right down their " she says with a smirk on her face. I love the smirk. 

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