Paper Rings (SFW)

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You heard the familiar song playing as you walked down the aisle.

The paparazzi taking multiple pictures of you as you smiled at your soon-to-be husband, who was also your childhood bestfriend, tearing up while waiting for you.

He smiled as he recognized the song playing.

"What are you doing (your name)?" The child version of himself asked you.

"Oh! I'm writing a song! When I'm famous, I want this song to be first listened to, at my wedding." The child you said, determined.

"Wedding? Who will you marry?" The child him, pouted.

"I don't know yet.." Child you said, scratching your head.

"Hmm well.. do you take me as your future husband when we're older?". Child him said, pulling out a paper ring from his pocket, sliding it into your ring finger.

The 'I do's that you said from your past and present self seem to synchronize, as you felt a diamond ring next to a paper one on your fingers.

"Why do you still have that?" He chuckled as he kissed the back of your hand, slowly leaning into you.

"Because you gave it to me." You smiled as you finally kissed, not as people who are dating, not as childhood bestfriends, but as a married couple.

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