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I'd Rather Be In Love With... You Part 54

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well yes, this is coming to an end but we've still got a few more chappys to go so be happy about that!!! Anyway, here u go and I hope u enjoy it cause the next chappy is ALREADY WRITTEN UP!!!!



Part 54

The next morning I woke with my stomach turning tight, butterflies going crazy and my heart ramming faster and faster at the thought of the plans for tonight! Chris was coming back and it was my birthday and today, I was going to lose it.

Yep, I was going to lose my virginity to the man I was in love with and for some reason; I wished I had more time to prepare. As crazy as it seemed, I wanted more time to sit and research what I’m supposed to do because right now I’m completely clueless!

“Stop thinking about it! You’re gonna freak yourself out.” Zara snapped smiling as she sipped her orange juice.  We were sitting in one of those small yet cosy little cafes outside and my mind kept slipping back to tonight. I was most probably staring pale faced down at my muffin or doing some other freaky face that gave me away.

“I can’t!” I yelled throwing my hands in the air before slumping back in my chair and folding my arms across my chest. “What if I screw up or something? Or he changes his mind? Oh God! What if he rejects me?!”

Yep, I was freaking myself out but I couldn’t stop! It was like this video going on in my head on all the ways everything could go wrong.

The funniest, I must admit is tripping over my clothes but the worst is him rejecting me and laughing at me!

I mean, he’s had sex before, what if he has expectation? What if I don’t live up to them? What if I suck!?!

“Ok babe, name me one human guy that would reject sex?” There she had a good point.


“No buts!” Zara rolled her eyes and grasped her glass tightly threatening to pour it all over me. “Look, if you don’t just chill I will chill you down with fresh orange juice! And babe, you go with the moment, you don’t plan out your every move and moan and groan and grind. You just go with it.”

I bit down on my bottom lip trying to take in her words before reaching for my muffin.

“But what if-“

“Oh for Christ sake! Stop ‘what if’ing!’ you’re supposed to never want to have to say it and here you are saying it over and over! Do you want to have sex with Chris?” My cheeks burned a dark shade as an old lady turned from behind Zara and narrowed her eyes towards us.

“Zara, you didn’t have to scream that!” I hissed looking down at my plate.

“Oh please!” Zara turned around to the old lady and I looked up towards them. “Sorry lady, but you must have had sex right?”

I was half excepting the old women to stand and leave outraged or tell Zara to get lost but instead she laughed a little and nodded! She was actually having a conversation about this!

“Thank you! Did you plan out every thrust or moan?”

“Zara!” I hissed only to be cut off by the old women.

“It’s alright dear! I haven’t talked about this in so very long! There is nothing to be ashamed about! And of course not! I went with the moment and oh how wonderful that night turned out, under the stars on that cliff with a blanket. He was quite the price charming you know? Went all night.” If I was never grossed out by old people and their sex life I was now!

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