⏤͟͟͞͞☆ YOUR ARM IS MINT. ⏤͟͟͞͞☆

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* * * *

Bruce dragged me further into the field, letting go of my hand.

He ran up to his bag, taking something out. Bruce took out a bat, and a pair of gloves.

    Bruce nods to himself, running up to me, handing me both of the stuff.

Raising my brow, I say

"Wait, I'm gonna be the one to try and hit the ball?! Bruce, I can't do it-"

"How do you know, if you haven't even tried? You should always try, before assuming. Before thinking that you can't do it." Bruce say's.

    Sighing, I nod. He's right.

"Alright. But, DON'T THROW THE BALL TOO HARD! If you hit me, I swear...." I say, not finishing my sentence.

    Bruce nods, letting out a chuckle.

"Alright, got it." He reply's, putting on the gloves. He gets in position,

"Alright, you ready?"


"HOLD ON! Wait. You're not holding the hat right. And your position isn't right, either." Bruce say's, running up to me.

"May I?" Bruce ask's, politely.

  "Hm? Oh! Ya." Bruce grabs my hand, moving it to where I was now holding the bat correctly.

    Bruce also made me stand in position, running back to his spot.

"Okay, now you're ready!" Bruce say's, getting ready to throw the ball.

Throwing the ball, I manage to hit the ball. Getting a perfect hit.

    Bruce went to go get the ball, before coming back. His face, surprised.

"Jeez, Y/N! Nice hit! Dang, your Arm Is Mint!" Bruce say's. Causing me to let out a small laugh, thanking him.

"Huh. That was actually pretty fun." Bruce's eyes lighten up,

       "Right?! Baseball is very fun, once you get good at it. Wanna keep playing some more, for a bit?" He asks.

"Let's do it." Bruce smiles, nodding his head.

Time Skip!

       Bruce and I kept playing some baseball, for a while. Bruce was now the one hitting the ball, while I pitch.

    Raising the ball, I get ready to throw it.

Bruce, intensely staring at me. A smirk, on his face. Taking a deep breath, I throw the ball. Bruce, hitting it perfectly....

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