Chapter 15

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Liv's POV

Wow, I feel so bad for Mel. Her horse is going to be in Kentucky for a whole month! It's terrible that she won't have Cowboy for most of the summer. I have heard though that she's going to be training two thoroughbreds from New York to pay for his surgery, but that's just the campers' gossip.

Right now it's free time, and I'm inside Tye's round pen. I'm going to try to halter him. If Cadee was able to get Knight haltered, I bet I could do it too.

"Hi Tye," I said sweetly. He looked at me, but just stood there. I started walking over to him, and when I was in the middle of the pen, he walked right up to me. Whoah, I was NOT expecting that! "Good boy," I whispered as he let me pet him.

I'm sure I was with Tye for at least an hour. I just kept petting him, letting him now how great he was and that he was safe here. I checked my watch, I still had 20 minutes left of free time. I know Cadee is in the bunkhouse, Riley and Madison are help training the minis, Anna and Beth are on trail rides, and Mel is getting stalls ready for two new horses. Probably the thoroughbreds. I took a deep breath and grabbed a fist full of Tye's mane, and swung myself onto his back. He looked surprised, but not scared. I petted him and then asked him for a walk around the pen. He's the smoothest horse I've ever ridden. A few minutes later I asked him for a trot, and he obeyed. We rode for a few minutes longer before I got off. I patted him, then went into the tack room to get an apple cookie for him, then went back out to his pen. He was waiting for me when I got there, and I fed him the treat, and while he crunched it, the bell rang to end free time. I left his pen and went to the meeting spot. I was the first one there, then Anna and Beth, Rikey and Madison, and then Cadee. Weird, she came from the barn, not the bunkhouse. I thought for sure she wouldn't want to spend anytime unnecessary time with him than she had to. Maybe she's coming around after all.

"Okay girls, now that free time is over, we are going to have a contest. You all still have more chores to do, so, who ever can clean their horse's stall, wash their buckets, clean their tack, and groom their horse the fastest will be rewarded. Ready, set, go!" Mrs. Jones announced. We all sped off to tend to our horses. I first got a bucket and a pitchfork and cleaned out Tye's pen that had manure in it. Next I grabbed his grain bucket and scrubbed it until there wasn't any left over grain spots, and then I grabbed a tin of saddle soap and cleaned Tye's new tack. 15 minutes later I was grabbing Tye's halter and put him in a pair of cross ties for then very first time. I grabbed his brush box and got to work on getting mud and dirt out of his pretty black coat.

The second that Tye was loose in his pen, I hurried to the meeting spot, and when I got there, only Mrs. Jones was waiting. I was the first one there! Yes! A few minutes later Anna ran over, than looked disappointed. "Rats, second one!"she said, but she wasn't mad. She was being playful. "Sorry," I said. She shrugged it off. We chatted for a few more minutes until Cadee, Riley, Holly, Madison, and finally Beth came in.

"The first girl to come in was Olivia, and her reward is 10 points. Starting today, who ever has the most points at the end of camp will get one big prize! Points will be given out for hard work, contests, and for lots of other reasons. I will be keeping track of points, and we will have a point check once a week to see where everybody's at. Good luck!" Mrs. Jones said.

Wow. I already have 10 points just from hanging out with Tye. This was going to be so easy! And fun.

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