pt 34.

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| 𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚛𝚍 𝙿𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚘𝚗 |


Serena sat in front of her mother with her arms folded along with her legs crossed.

"Why did you call me here?" Serena spoke up breaking the silence.

"I missed you.." Reena stated softly keeping her hands up on the table.

"Missed me? I don't have time for this-"

"Please just listen to me Serena" She begged as she stood up getting her stuff together.

"P-Please Serena" she stuttered feeling her eyes begin to water.

She huffed sitting back down into the chair waiting for her mother to speak.

Reena was now in an Psychiatric hospital for mental and behavior treatment, less than a few nights ago she just snapped at herself hitting and screaming at herself then she begin to harm herself by cutting, using bleach all that she could to try and end her life until someone called the cops getting her sent away.

"I am so sorry f-for everything you never deserved anything I've done to you or let someone do to you or y-your brother, I feel so guilty and stupid after all these years not realizing what I was doing and I forced you guys to leave I just want to be normal and f-finally be a better mother to you and MY son" she stated with tears running down her face.

"Good that you noticed but we dont need you anymore I'm 20 years old and your son that I've been raising for the past 7 years is now a 5 star football player just like he wanted to be, ill be graduated New York University next year which is a year earlier without you being there WE don't need you Reena you lost that mother title soon as you started drugs and beating on me and my little brother we're doing perfectly fine we don't need you messing anything up"

"I know baby and I'm sorry I-I just-"

"Goodbye Reena don't call me again because I'm not coming back you can have all these though remember I did all that" Serena said throwing here pictures of Semaj out of her phone case.


"Hey handsome you okay?" Serena asked kissing Semaj's forehead.

"Yea Kori sleeping she said she felt sick" he shrugged as she nodded.

"Oh..well I do want to talk to you about something and if you feel that you don't want to talk about it we'll just stop the conversation" she said sitting down in front of him.

"What's it about?"

"So momma is in a mental hospital and she called me to come talk but I didn't want to talk and I basically told her we didn't need her and we were and will always be fine without her do you feel a different way about her like do you want to visit her?"

"No" he denied.

"Don't say no because I said no you don't have to have hatred towards her because I do if you want a bond with her that's fine with me"

"I don't Gigi she hurt us a lot and it always made you sad then you kept saying sorry for letting it all happen it was always her, I don't want to visit her or see her ever" he explained as she nodded.

"Okay that's fine with me I love you okay"

"I love you to" he smiled.


"Grandma who's this?" Amelia's son asked walking to his grandma with a picture.

He handed it to her as she put her glasses on before looking at him.

"Where did you find this?" She asked seeing the picture of Amelia and La'Paris together.

"In a bucket" he shrugged touching his hair that was in a ponytail.

"Um baby sit down" she said as he sat down confused.

He was 10 years not to mention he was very intelligent for his age he skipped 5th grade now he's going to 7th grade this year.

He never had any parents but he had his grandma that he seen as his mother his mom was mentally crazy in the head plus she passed away he didnt care to much since she had hatred for him either way but he wanted to know who the man was since he looked exactly like him.

"This man..this man right here is your father baby" she spoke as his face scrunched up.

"My father?" He asked as she nodded.

"So why was he never around, do he know I'm his son?" He asked full of questions.

"He was raped by your mother and she never told him he had a child I'm sure he would like to know he did have a child but from his rapist maybe not" she stated as he kept the same blank face.

"Do you still speak to him?" He asked.

"No" she denied as he nodded.

"Can I talk to him?" He asked curiously.

"I don't know I have no contact with him ill try okay" she said as he nodded taking the picture back admiring his 2 parents well his father.

He wanted to know his father since his mom was a deadbeat and crazy he didnt care to much about her dying but he did care to know who his father was.


"Get off of me you're heavy" Serena whined pushing La'Paris off her.

"Youn love a nigga no mo' damn" he mugged sitting up in the bed.

"No actually your trying to kill me I don't appreciate that"

"Ain't nobody killing you girl shut up" he waved off.

"Whatever I have to finish my school work anyways gimme my laptop please" she smiled.

"Hell na' you just said youn love me" he said rolling his eyes.

"I do love you" she frowned.

"Tuh" he muttered.

"Pleasee Papi get it" she frowned more not wanting to get up.

She was comfortable in her spot and she didnt want to move and try to get comfortable again.

He grabbed the laptop throwing it onto the bed.

"Ian giving shit ta you next time" he said causing her to shrug.

He got a text raising his phone to his face seeing an unknown number.

Hi La'Paris I'm not sure if you remember me but I'm Amelia's mother and I'm not sure if you're aware that you have a 10 year old son by her named Jaimeer, you do not have to accept any of this but he was curious about you since he found a picture and he'd like to get into contact with you to get to know you if that's fine.

His face scrunched up sliding out the message ignoring it he wasn't believing any of it.

"What's wrong?" Serena asked looking at his facial expression.

"Nothing I'm straight" he brushed off.


She put her attention back on her laptop confused on how fast his attitude changed maybe it was nothing as usual.


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