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Whatever happened in parking lot will be explained in upcoming chapters.

"Where am i? ? "

"Em. You're in hospital. Are you feeling better now?" Jenna asked me.

"No. My head hurts." I replied.

"It's ok em. It'll heal." Jenna said while giving me a glass of water.

"How did i end up here?" I asked jenna.

"Scott and stiles brought you here. You should be careful.  You could have injured more badly." Jenna said.

"Careful? They did ...."

"You're up em.  I was worried about you." Said scott while intrupting me.

"Scott you...."

"Look em. It's not your fault.  Don't blame yourself. Ok.
Sometime it happens. I mean it was completely not your fault that you fell from few stairs. " Said stiles again intrupting me like scott

"No". I said.

"You need rest em." Said jenna

"OK."  I replied

Jenna left me with scott and stiles. Why the hell did they lie to jenna.
Scott did this to me. What are they hiding from me? And where is darek? Its so confusing.

"Em. I'm so so so sorry for hurting you. I was protecting you." Scott explains me.

"Protecting me? Are you kidding me.  You did this to me. And you call it protecting me? And stop calling me em."   I yelled at scott.

"Okay emily. What's the last thing you remember? I want you to --"  Stiles asked me.

I intrupted stiles.

"What is wrong with you? Scott did this to meGet out before I call the security."  I screamed at them.

What is wrong with these people? How can they do this to me?

I can't take this madness anymore. .

"How are you? " Said mellisa.

"I'm fine Mrs. McCall. Thanks for visiting me."

"Scott told me what happened at stiles home. You should be more careful." Said mellisa.

"Yes. It was my mistake." I replied hasitately.

"It's ok emily". Mellisa replied

3 hours later....

"Jenna i want to go home." I requested jenna.

"Ok. My shift is over and i can see that you are much  better  now." Jenna replied

At home.

"Jenna does scott and stiles know about Damon?" I asked jenna.

"Yes. I told them. Jenna replied.  Are you fine em?" Jenna asked

"Yes. I want to sleep now. Gud nite jenna."

Without even listening to jenna's reply, i went towards my  room.

I went to take a cold shower.  I was crying.  How can someone do this to me damon?
I got hurt  damon.  And you are not here to take care of me.. I can't live in beacon hills anymore.  I have to leave this place.
I'm not strong damon. I can't trust anyone .
After crying for one hour in shower i went to my room for packing my bag.

I can't live here anymore.  I was still crying and packing my stuff.  After packing my stuff, the one and only thing in my mind was what will i tell to jenna? How will she react? It's only been a couple of days since I have been here.

I can't hurt her. I was on my bed. And i fell asleep.

"That's my little angel.  Come to me." Said jenna.

"Aunt  jenna. I can'tbelieve you're here. Damon look jenna is here." I called out for damon.

"Jenna. Hi. Long time no see.  Look your handsome  damon is here". He smirked

"Jenna you're late". Mom said

"Mom I'm so happy that aunt jenna is here." I said to my mom while hugging jenna tightly.

"I missed you my little angel." Jenna replied

"Hey. That's not fair. Only em gets your hug. What about my hug aunt? " damon complaints.

"Damon wait for your turn." I replied to damon with my evil smile

We were all laughing and having fun. Where's damon? Damon where are you? You can't leave like this.

I remembered that damon died in my arms. I remember each and every moment i spend with damon.

Damon please you can't leave  me like this. Please. Noo. No damon. You can't go. Damon please.
DAMON. DAMON . DAMON. wait. Don't leave.

"Wake up em. Wake up. It's just a nightmare.  Please wake up." I heard jenna's voice. She was holding my face.

"Damon. I saw him.  I replied.

"Stop crying em. He's gone. You can't  hurt  yourself like this. We all miss him em. But you have to stop it." Jenna said while wiping my tears from my cheeks.

" It's not a dream.  He was here with us. We were laughing and... "

"It's okay. Let him go now." Jenna pleaded

I was crying out loud.  And jenna was still with me.

"I can't do this jenna. For 2 months  I'm trying my best to  move on but i can't.
He's my brother. Damon left me and now I'm all alone."

"You're not alone em." Jenna said while tears were falling from her eyes.

"I can't do this anymore jenna. I.. I can't."  I said while dropping a sob.

It was six in the morning and I was still thinking about damon . It was just a dream but it felt so reall. I thought that my brother was here with me. I was happy in my dreams. Reality hurts.

No matter how hard i try to be strong, I'm still a little girl who lost her brother.
I girl whose family is broken.

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