If Only

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Hi everyone Welcome to my number nth LGBT novel. (Who's counting anymore?) So you know the drill, if this isn't your thing, please leave.

It's a boyxboy novel with a lot of swearing, drama, some mature content and lot and lots of fluff.

Also IF ONLY was written as a past time book and I got inspiration after I watched the Thai BL Not Me, that doesn't mean it's not an original idea or plot line. It's not a fan fiction and just has like three similarities so I hope it's not a crime, don't come for me 🙏🏽.  While watching it, I wondered how the movie would be if the story went another way, was curious so I started writing something, currently in chapter seven at the time I published this and I only published it because I was falling in love with the book and I wanted to get your thoughts on it.

☝🏼 this has been noted so don't hate or throw offensive bad comments, I'd mute you.

If it's some kind of crime, just say so politely and I would take down the story and keep writing it for my own consumption.

Thanks for being here, Enjoy.

First Draft, Unedited.


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