Instant Kill

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~August 17, 2022~

Every chapter would have the word "Kill". I am picky about chapter's name. In every story, I think about it very seriously. It's a simple thing that sometimes made me overthink. LOL.


Forth and Lam met Park inside the class, but Park sits at the back with other students.

Lam looks at the back, but he did nothing. He never approach people before, he doesn't know how to do it.

"I thought you like him." Forth said.

Lam sighs. "Well, he doesn't, apparently."

Park is friendly. In the first day of class, he has ten people gathered around him already. Meanwhile Forth is scary and Lam is cold. So... they practically like they usually do, just the two of them.

"Go get him, tiger." Forth said.

"Who? Me...?"

"I am not talking to you. I am talking to the tattoo in your left chest." Forth answers sarcastically.

Lam chuckled. He has tiger head tattooed in his left chest.

"I want to go to the Med faculty for lunch. Do you want to come?" Forth asked.

It's an easy, "No."



Forth looks around to find the food court. And believe it or not, finding Beam in the sea of people is easy!

There he is!

Forth smiled widely as he walks closer to Beam and his friends. "Hi." He greets Beam.

Beam is queueing with Phana, Sharp and Sky in front of the rice bowl stall.

Four Med students turn their attention to one Engineering student.

Forth is pretty stand out, considering the fact that he wears his uniform not properly unlike the whole Med students who wear it complete with the green tie.

Forth's shirt is not even buttoned. He just wears it above a white T-shirt, it's not tucked in. It's not even a uniform pants, it's black jeans.

Beam blinks. "What are you doing here?"

Phana, Sharp and Sky raised their eyebrows.
Boy, that was cold.

"I want to have lunch with you." Forth said firmly.

Phana, Sharp and Sky turn to Forth.
Boy, he is brave and has the heart of steel.

"I don't." Beam said.

"Owh. Why?" Forth is confused.

"I have lunch with my friends."

"Can I join?"

"No." Beam answers coldly.

Phana, Sharp and Sky are standing in silence.

Forth blinks. "Why?"

Beam clicks his tongue. "You know what? I don't like the food in here. I want to lunch out." He said as he left the queue.

Forth catches on Beam's steps.

"If you follow me, you're dead." Beam hisses to Forth.

Forth stops his steps instantly. He is suuuuper confused. After those flirtaruous moment they had, he thought he could make a move.


Forth turns to Beam's friends.

Phana hurriedly walks out the queue. "Beam! I'll join you."
Sharp is startled and also run after Beam.
Sky blinks. He walks calmly, catching up with his friends.

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