Boy band (SFW)

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You were the manager of a boy band. They just debuted and weren't really famous yet.

As they finished recording another song, you handed them some water bottles.

"Thank you, dearest manager." The leader said as he smiled at you.

"Thank you manager-y!!" The childish one exclaimed as he smiled widely, showing his dimples.

"Thanks, cutie." The flirty one said, winking at you.

"T- thank you.. manager (your name)." The shy one said coyly, looking down.

"Ty. I guess." The tough and cold (tsundere) one said as he rolled his eyes.

"Thaaank you." The funny one said, puckering his lips at you.

The stoic one just nodded at you.

You just chuckled as the guys with totally different personalities thanked you. It's suprising how they get along so well.

"So what will we do now ma'am/ sir?" The leader asked.

"Oh you know you don't have to be so formal with me. Anyways, what we'll be doing next is eat lunch. Where'd you guys wanna eat?" You asked.

"Ooh ooh! Can we get ice cream as dessert?!" The childish one asked, hopeful.

"Of course!" You smiled at him as you patted his head, causing him to blush.

"Sushi." The stoic one suddenly said.

You all blinked at him as it was rare to hear him talking, aside from singing.

"Annd he speaks!" The funny one exclaimed.

You all laughed, except the stoic one of course.


"Hey manager, did you know that if you could tie a cherry stem into a knot with your tongue, then you're a really good kisser?" The flirty one said, holding up the cherry from his sundae.

"Oh really? Let me try." You said as you popped the cherry into your mouth.

They watched as your mouth moved. You stuck your tongue out, showing a cherry with a tied stem.

"Woaaaahh that's so cool!" The shy one said quietly.

"Teach me, (your name)! Teach meee!" The childish one chanted.

"Hmm well, there's one more thing." The flirty one said as he held your chin.

"Can you test if I'm a good kisser? Since you apparently are." He asked alluringly.

The others gasped as they waited for your answer.

"Sure." You smirked.

He widened his eyes and soon smirked.

He leaned in but felt something on his puckered lips. It was a cherry.

"Test it yourself." You smiled as you placed the cherry into his agape mouth.

The others bursted out laughing (not the stoic one) as the flirty one blushed.

"Haha! Get wrecked!" The tsundere one laughed.

"Shut up! I totally expected that!" The flirty one angrily pouted.


"Uhh e- excuse me.. manager (your name).. could you help me please? I don't know how to put it on." The shy one said sheepishly as he stood in front of you with his shirt not properly worn.

They were about to perform one of their songs on stage.

"Pfft.. of course!" You couldn't help but chuckle.

You told him to take off his shirt and he blushed, but soon did it anyway.

You caught a glimpse of the tattoos he once begged you to get because he wanted to look cool.

As you finished buttoning up the shirt, he felt your fingertips brush his chest, which sent shivers down his spine.

"H- hey (your name).. I need help too." The tsundere one pouted as he held out an accessory that was supposed to go on his thigh (he doesn't actually need help.. he just wants your attention..)

"Hm? But it's really easy to put it on. Here sit down. Let me show you." He blushed as you knelt down on one knee in front of him.

"Let me do it cutie. You shouldn't be kneeling in front of guys like that. They might get the wrong idea." The flirty one knelt down beside you, whispering the last part into your ear.

You blushed as you thanked him and then walked away to help the other members.

"Who's laughing now, tough guy?" The flirty one tied the accessory and snickered at the tsundere, who raised his middle finger up at him.


"I would love just to be, stuck to your side." The stoic one sang.

"Not with anybody else, anybody else." The funny one and childish one harmonized.

"It's enough just to keep, us occupied." The shy one sang.

"Please don't go." The flirty one and the tsundere one was supposed to harmonize but it came out really off key because they were still in bad terms due to their quarrel in the backstage earlier.

As the song ended, the leader smiled at their squealing audience.

"Thank you all to our supporters who made time, just to watch us perform. We would especially like to thank our lovely manager, our number one supporter, for having the patience and for handling our very different personalities. I, I mean, we, love you very much." They all waved goodbye and walked out of the stage.

"You all did so good!" You cheered as you hugged each and every one of them.

They looked at eachother smiling (stoic one not included).

"Manager, we have a surprise for you!" They all exclaimed in unison (except the stoic one teehee).

"Oh- oh my.. what is all this?" You stared at the sight in front of you as the leader took off your blindfold.

It showed a table full of your favorite food, in the center of a beautiful garden.

"We wanted to thank you for everything you've done for us but.. it's not that much compared to what you give us." The childish one pouted.

"Y- yeah.. b- but once were famous and have a lot of money, we'll.. we'll buy a whole restaurant full of your favorite food!" The shy one smiled widely.

"Are you kidding? This is already more than enough for me! Th- thank you so much you guys!" You teared up as you hugged the nearest member to you, burying your face in his chest, which was the flirty one.

"Aww, our cute little manager is crying. C'mon sweetie, let's eat." He said as he made your chin rest on his chest, wiping your tears away and then kissing your forehead.

As you were all eating, the stoic one opened his phone and widened his eyes.

He tapped the shoulder of the person next to him, which was the funny one, and showed him his phone.

He hummed while drinking his water and took the phone, curious to see what it was, making him spit his water all over the tsundere, which was also next to him.

"Hey! What the f*c'-" The tsundere exclaimed angrily but was cut off with the funny one cheering.

"Guys, look! Our performance earlier is going viral!"

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