Um...I Take Back What I Said

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Yeah, the title pretty much says it all, doesn't it?

What I mean by that is....maybe Twilight is a little (if not much) diverse than it may have mad it out to be. No, Forks is still boring and Twilight created Fifty Shades of Gray but Bree Tanner may be an interesting character.


Now, I can't deny that Twilight has its fans. Well, mainly 4o year olds and young teenage girls who don't have a 'perfect boyfriend' (I'M KIDDING) but that's not my point. But the thing is that I recently came across this Twilight fanfic that was actually pretty good.

....Let me explain.

The author hates Bella (who doesn't to be honest? XD) But if that was the case, why would she write a fanfic about Twilight? Well, Bree Tanner is surprisingly the only reason why she could tolerate Twilight (hence the reason why the fanfic I read was about Bree Tanner). The fanfic that I read was called Stardust by @mycastleofbooks and its a really well written book.

When I first made this rant book, I didn't know that there might be good, well-written Twilight fanfic with a good plot. I did not know that. But the thing is that life changes sometimes. It really changes your perspective on certain things. I'm not saying that I love Twilight now, I still effing hate the series. But for an author's first series, maybe she doesn't deserve all of that hate. Take a look at Rebecca Black. You got her song, Friday, which got her a ton of hate. Now, fast forward a few years later and she's actually a pretty good singer. I think that as society, we don't let people improve their craft if its really bad to begin with. Twilight was like that but The Host was an improvement from that. We have to let other people encouragement to let them improve or otherwise, any writer wouldn't exist. J.K. Rowling wouldn't exist if she gave up after 12 publishers rejected Harry Potter. Cassandra Clare wouldn't exist, none of our favorite authors would exist if we didn't give them the encouragement and support that they need to continue writing their books.

Wow. That got sentimental real fast. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Sorry about that.

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