I.Under Arrest

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Despite having the genius Big Five of Kunugigaoka, there was still someone else who stood at the top, who was the best among the rest, that she didn't even get qualified to be counted with the 'normal' ones.

Ouma Achlys, daughter of the royal Ouma family.

After failing the first semester, she stood in front of the A Class.

"I have failed all my subjects. Please demote me to End Class."

politely bowing her head, she said those words with sincerity.

The students gasped and thought it was all just a joke.

Gakushu Asano, seems to have no reactions but only gaining

more interest towards the E-Class.

"I'm afraid to say this" suddenly, the school principal himself,

Gakuho Asano showed up in class, still carrying that dark vibe

around him. "but it is true." facing Achlys with that empty smile,

Gakuho seemed to have something else in his manipulative mind.

Raising Gakushu's suspicions even more.

"This is unacceptable, she is the smartest maiden I have ever

laid eyes on, my beautiful flower, please don't go" Ren Sakakibara,

one of the five virtuosos, flirtatiously approached the questioned Achlys.

"As much as I appreciate your sweet words, I'm afraid

I can no longer serve as your dandelion in this field of roses"

Going along with Ren's sweet words and gently patting his shoulder,

Achlys smiled sweetly at him, in return, saddening the faces of those

who truly admired her. "Cheer up, I promise I will return." with a

confident smile, Achlys faced the class again.

"I will be waiting for you, Achlys." Gakushu sits comfortably in his

very own seat, just calmly analyzing the situation and smiles at her.

Without responding to Gakushu, Achlys turned around and left.

and the very next day...

"I-I know this is very sudden.. but we have a new student" Karasuma

walked in and stood in front of everyone in Class E with a little bit worried

look on his face. "Uh, come in" he said as he looked out to the open door.

Everyone in Class E began whispering and having thoughts that she could

be just another assassin who was hired to come after Koro-sensei.

A girl wearing black sailor uniform with knee high black thighs, completely

different from the regular students of Kunugigaoka's uniform, walked in.

There was something about her.. as she walks, her long black hair follows

the sway of her body... she stood firmly in the center and opens her fierce

crimson eyes. There was silence for a minute and the rest of the class gazes

at her whole existence. Her strange aura that seems to be intimidating..

reminding the class E students of a certain person they know..

"Akabane Karma" she suddenly spoke and surprised the rest of the

class with the first two words she said.

Calling out the tricky yet clever redhead, Karma still sits calmly

as he gazes back into her crimson eyes, paying attention.

"You are under arrest" pulling out a real gun, she began

shooting at him which Karma simply dodged with his reflexes.

E Class had begun panicking and taking cover for themselves.

"WAIT!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Karasuma stood in her way,

attempting to protect the class and stopping the new student.

"Why is she killing Karma-kun!?" Nagisa questions out loud.

"Me?" Karma is still calm as ever. "Under arrest?" he smiles.

"trying to make him mine, why, sensei?" Achlys, looks into

Karasuma's eyes but he himself did not see bloodlust in hers.

"I understand, but.. set that aside for now" trying his best

to deal with all the crazy stuff going on with his life, Karasuma

gently touches down the gun she was holding. "be nice to

everyone and introduce yourself." he said.

"Understood." Achlys put down her weapon and went back

to her calm posture, standing in front of the class once again.

"Nice to meet you all, I am Ouma Achlys." she bows as she

introduced herself with a smile, showing a change of her dead

expression from earlier.

"Why did you say Akabane is under arrest?" Karasuma

questioned her now that things have calmed down.

Her once again dead serious expression slowly changed as

the corners of her lips lifted and curved into a dangerous smile.

"Isn't it obvious" with a little superhuman-like speed, she

approached Karma in his seat and pointed the gun to his head.

While the main boy just silently watches her actions with a smile,

she suddenly revealed the reason behind her violent reactions.

"for the crime of stealing my heart, of course."

End of Prologue 5/8/15

A/N: Akabane Karma is my new favorite redhead in all honesty,
that I am very tempted to write him a fanfic. I am not a manga
reader, so I expect you guys to avoid spoilers. I hope you enjoy :)

This fanfiction is made by GRIMOIRELLE (Previously known as SHEISAHELLISHANGEL)

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