Love, Take Me Again

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Harry nodded without looking at anyone and Kathy stared at him and smiled.

"Ah anyway Harry this is for you a bow-tie"

"A bow tie?" Zayn sneered

"Yeah it's cute, it's suits him" Kathy chatted back sharply, as she made her way towards him and wrapped the bow-tie around Harry's neck. Louis did not like what he was seeing, but he couldn't do anything about it.

The other's made their way back to the penthouse, how ever Harry told them that he will meet them their as he has a few things to sort out first. Louis had his suspicious to where he was going to go.

Harry returned to the office with a warm coffee in his hand. "Oh Harry you're back, I can't go out" Fleur said

"Ah Fleur, sorry. Is Kathy here?" He asked, she gave him a disappointed face and pointed her fingers to Kathy's office upstairs.

Harry walked upstairs with nerves wrecking in his chest, he knocked lightly but there was no response from Kathy, he was about to walk back down stairs, but at the moment he missed her so much, even though she's not been herself lately, but all he knew he wanted to be where ever she may be. He opened the door and her back was facing him.

"Oh Louis, do you miss me that much to come back so soo-" as she turned her head and saw Harry instead of Louis.

Harry bit his lips and timidly stood with a cup of coffee in his hand.

"Oh sorry, I did knocked" he said with a soft voice, Kathy glared him with damp eyes, as she hope this time it won't fall down her face.

"Harry, that's fine" she replied.

"I brought you this, I told the barrister to make it strong this time" he said nervously, as Kathy made her way closer to him and closed the door behind Harry.

"Oh thank you" as she took it from Harry's hand, she held his hand first then it took a couple of seconds to let go. She took a sip and smiled at him warmly, "they did make it strong huh" she said. Harry gave him a small smile and showed his dimples, that Kathy adored so much.

"Kathy, I should go"

She was disappointed, she wanted to pull him close to her and tell him not to go anywhere, but she knew it complicate things more. She didn't say a word a nodded to him, as Harry turned away from him. Her too, turned away from him it was too too painful for her to see him to walk away from her. She heard the door knob turned, then there was paused she waited patiently for the door to sway opened. Instead she heard the door closed with a lock, then Harry's foot steps getting and getting closer to her. As she turned Harry grab her face and kissed her passionately. She let him, take over her again. She opened her mouth to meet his tongue, their tongue were sailing in each other's mouth and fulfilling their urges for each other's. Her fingers tips was playing with his hair. Harry carried her and sat her on her desk. Kathy wrapped both of her legs around her waistline and Harry thrusted his hips to hers. Kathy made her hands to Harry belt and tried to unbuckle them.

"Kat! Not here" Harry whimpered, she ignored him, and continued however Harry moved her hands away. She didn't care and pulled him closer to her, but she got off the table still kissing him and she took him inside her bathroom, and closed the door behind them. Harry smiled under their kissed and removed the button of her white shirt, she stripes down her shorts and Harry mirrored her actions. He carried Kathy against the wall, both urgently needed each other's touch. Harry's hand cuff one of his hand on her bare chest making Kathy whimpered for more.

"Oh Love what are you waiting for?" She asked under unsteady breath. Harry made his way inside of her slowly as she happily accepted him inside of her. "Harry, Love"

Harry was in control of her again, as he pushed harder and harder inside of her. "Oh Love" as he dramatically moan in her ears.

They tried to fix themselves in the bathroom, after Harry washed his hands Kathy ran the tap water washed hers too. Harry went behind her and lent his chin to her shoulders and they both looked at their reflections. Harry gave Kathy soft kisses on her cheeks, "Love" Harry whispered

"Yes, my Love"

"Don't let me go this time"

There was a paused this time, Kathy turned herself at Harry and daze Into his eyes.

"I meant what I said, I will always love you not matter what"

"Why do I feel that there's a but coming up"

Kathy cuff one hand on face and started to rub with her thumb of the corner of his luscious pink lips.

"Yes, there is a but! Let's just go through this week! Because publicly your dating Fleur and I'm with Louis" she explained. Harry pulled away from her, and turned his back to her.

"Well, are you?" He asked frankly

"No, I don't know"

"What kind of answer is that!"

"Because I literally don't know"

"Have you slept with him?"

"No, but - but we have slept on the same bed"

Harry marched away from her and took his jacket with him.

"Love" Kathy called out "don't do this" she continued, but Harry made his way out of the door.

"Whatever happened earlier, let's go forget about it" he uttered. He walked outside and Kathy chocked and couldn't bear to speak a word as it will cause a scene.

"Harry, please"

"You know what? Kathy! have you noticed that you've been acting like him lately. The way you snap at Fleur it's the same way he snaps at people, I don't think its very nice"

"Now you defending your little blonde girl-friend?"

"Unlike you Kathy, I have never touch anyone but you"

Kathy drop her jaw "What are you trying to say then?" she asked

"You know exactly know what I mean, you know what forget about us, it was never going to work anyway we are kidding ourselves" Harry snap

Kathy folded her arms at him and turned herself "Just fucking go!"

"I just see Louis in you now" he opened the door and slammed it behind him. Kathy could hear the sounds of his footsteps walking away from her direction. Kathy tried to held herself together but couldn't, she tried to continue to do her work but tears were just strolling down her face, and wiping it every second. She tried so hard to stop and didn't want to have swollen eyes for tonight because Louis will know. She knew Harry was right, and she felt sick to her stomach. But she knew straight away it was easy for her to give herself to Harry, but with Louis no matter how much he gives the urges she could never full give herself in. Is it a sign?

Harry returned to the penthouse where mostly everyone was all ready "Oh Harry what's with your fucking face it's so gloomy" Louis sneered , Harry looked at him with sharp eyes and Louis feared that he was going to attack him the way he did yesterday. He left him without saying a word and got himself ready. He went inside the shower and let the hot steamy water rush down his body. Kathy and Louis was in his mind, it hurt him so much when Kathy said that she's slept on the same bed as Louis. When they were together even until now he believed that he will be the only man she will ever wake up to. The thought about another man lingering his fingers on her, or kissing her mouth brought sadness and anger inside of him.

After he dressed himself he looked at his reflection, a young man staring back him with pain fainted all over his pain. As he slicked back his hair, he straighten out he white shirt that Kathy design for him. He glared at his reflection and said in his mind, "I am Harry Styles lead man of One Lane, I don't need either of them her or him, you have to fucking move on"

When he walked out of his room, he took his blazer and held it behind him. All eyes darted at him because they felt his aura was different. "Very handsome, Harry" Ally complimented, they all expected a thank you from him but all he just nodded at her while he fixed his wrist watch. He no longer wore the black leather straps that Kathy gave him for his 21st birthday, instead that he wore a stainless steel watch.

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