¥ Next Morning

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When i got down stairs all the boys were down stairs except sam. When i walked in the room the all started making moaning noises and were mimicking what me and sam weree doing last night. I gave a sarcastic laugh and sat next to jc.

Jc whispered in my ear its my night tonight baby but ill be gentle ok? I said ok with a smirk on my face bc i kindof liked jc he was sweet and nice and super sexy. So i went up stairs to get ready for tonight first i checked my phone i had 3k followers in 1 hour. Ii put my phone down and went to my closet and got something sexy and went to thw bathroom and got in the shower then the shower curtain flew open and it was jc. hey baby i cant wait for tonight lets do it now and later. I said ook. I mean what other choice did i have i was a sex slave so he got undressed and got in the shower we started to make out it was really hott . Then he told me to jump so i did then he leaned against  the wall and started grinding on me he told me to get on my hands and knees he said he wanted to try something new so i did as i was told and he bent down a little and with no warning stuck his... in my butt it hurt at first then it quickly turned.to pleasure he went in and out moaning then he told me to turn around and old me to suck his d*ck so i did he grabbed my head and started bobbing it the he told me to stand up and jump when i did he got a boner and skick his...  in me it kinda hurt at first then it felt pleasurable. Then we got out of the shower and decided to take a nap so we did.

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