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* * * *

The credits started rolling. Everyone, getting up. People, making their way out of the Drive-In.

All three of us got up. I, clinging onto Robin's arm. Scared.

Robin and his uncle just laughed, by his I was behaving. Robin looked down at me,

"Haven't you already seen this movie multiple times, already? Why are you scared??" Robin laughs,

"I haven't seen this movie in a while! Leave me alone....!" Replying, rolling my eyes.

"C'mon. It wasn't THAT bad, now." Robins uncle say's. I looked at him, shooting a glare.

"Sorry, sorry." He say's, getting in the truck.

    Robin and I sat at the backseat. Chatting, play-fighting. All that, throughout the whole car ride.

"Well, that was fun." Robin say's. Nodding, I say

"Definitely. We should do this, forever. Watch the same movie. Over, and over."

  "Hanging out with you was pretty fun. So, I'm down." Robin agrees. A grin, spreading across my face.


We finally made it back to my neighborhood. Looking out the car window, noticing that it's starting to rain.

Looking ahead, I see that dads car isn't at the driveway. Causing me to sigh in relief. He isn't home. I'm safe.

"Alright, Y/N. We're here."

"Thanks!" Waving goodbye, getting out of the truck.

Robin gets out as well, walking me to the front door. Knocking, the door opens. Almost immediately. Funny, standing at the door. Looking panicked.

Finn notices Robin,

"Oh! Hey, man." Finn smiles.

"Hey, buddy. Just came to drop Y/N off."

"I see. Thanks, Robin. Uh, you should get going now. Or you'll be soaked, by this rain." Finn chuckles. Robin nod's.

"Right. Well, bye Finn. Bye, Y/N!"

"BYE, Y/N!" I hear Robins uncle call out. Causing me to laugh, waving goodbye. Looking back at Robin, I say

  "Bye, Robin. Get home safe." Giving Robin a short hug. He hugs back, moving a stand of hair out of my face.

"Of course. Night, you two!" Robin say's, running back to the truck.

Finn and I, watching the truck drive away. Before walking back inside.

"I suggest you go take a shower. Like, now. Dad should be on his way back, now." Finn say's, standing besides me.

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