Alexandria's Genesis

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This is not the first chapter - this is just somewhat of a prologue. 


Samantha Jane Duval may seem like a normal girl. At least that is what she wants everyone to think. Every day she wishes that she was special in a normal way, and not in the way she is special. You see, the thing that makes Samantha so very different from all the people she meets everyday is because of a genetic mutation called "Alexandria's Genesis." This mutation is nothing like what you may have seen in comic books or movies like The X-Men. No, this is something very different.

Not so many people have heard of this type of mutation, and most of those who do don’t believe it. A few years back a woman wrote a fan fiction about a television series called ‘Daria’. She wrote that three of her characters had the same mutation as Samantha. This fiction made a few people believe that it actually was a real mutation, and scientists all over the world began searching for traces and evidence of people with this mutation. They still haven’t found anything, so most people do not believe in it.  

The mutation is passed down from a mother or father who also is born with it. Samantha’s mother was French, and was the one with the genesis.

The characteristics of men and women with Alexandria’s Genesis are:

Clear, silver-like purple eyes.

They have facial or body hair growth beyond what was already there at birth, which is dark brown or black hair.

Their skin is shimmering pale and resist tanning or burning.

The women have no menstruation cycle.

Their immune system is highly evolved and has been known to resist every disease known to man so far.

They appear 5-20 years younger (after the age of 21, the aging process slows down greatly; it stops completely between the ages of 40-50).

They often live longer, and their life span ranges from 130 to 170 years.

They have perfect vision.

In ten percent of the population that has "Alexandria's Genesis," there is another characteristic of this mutation that is increasing on a yearly basis: the processing of human waste… or lack thereof.

They do not gain too much weight and is therefore never overweight.

Well-developed and proportioned bodies

Found mainly in women of Euro-American descent

Women are the primary carriers of the mutation

Children born from mothers with the mutation are also carriers

The mutation remains active generation after generation and only grows stronger.

With these characteristics in place, Samantha is truly beautiful. She is tall, her hair is long and dark brown, her eyes shining purple, and her skin shimmering and pale, her body does not produce human waste, so she never have to use the restroom. She is smarter, stronger, faster and her reflections better than the rest of the students at Truman High. Because of the mutation she have, she is really special. Everyday she tries to hide this. She puts on brown lenses, pretends to be sick now and then, tells her foster parents and friends that she have menstrual cramps, excuses herself to go to the bathroom and she also exercises regularly so that it seems normal that she does not gain weight. All she wants is to be normal.