pt 33.

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| 𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚛𝚍 𝙿𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚘𝚗 |


Kori sat down next to Semaj feeling his arm wrap around her shoulder pulling her closer to him.

They were just kids and they were both aware of that but Kori had a small crush on him he always made her laugh and smile at the right moments.

She wasn't telling him that but maybe the feeling would go away it wasnt important either way since they were kids and being just friends wouldn't ever change between them.


"No I don't wanna hear it" Dominic denied as Kori giggle.

"You can't have no boyfriend till you 65 this ain't funny" La'Paris said with a mug.

"Y'all still bothering this girl bout this?" Deandre said holding a bowl of Fruity Pebbles.

"Hell yea" they said in sonic mugging him as he shrugged.

Today was a chill day for all of them together including Kori since she was now getting over her mom's death and accepting she's gone.

"No boyfriend's, no crushes, nothing" Dominic said as she twisted her lips.

"I already have a crush that spot is taken" she shrugged before he dramatically fell on the floor.

"What the hell?" Nadia said seeing her fiance actually passed out on the floor while she held their son in her hands.

"This nigga" Kianna mumbled shaking her head.

"What crush ain't no liking nobody over here" La'Paris asked as her cheeks lit up thinking about Semaj.


"Ahh what the fuck!" Dominic yelled jumping up seeing all the water on his shirt.

"You didn't get up sorry" Nadia said tilting her head.

"Gon head and finish Se who?" La'Paris asked.

"I forgot" she lied causing him to suck his teeth.

"I'm done I still said what I said 65 no younger than that"


"Kori go stick your middle finger up at them ill give you 20 dollars" Kianna said as Kori smiled.

"Okay" she said excitedly getting up as Kianna handed her the 20 dollars pushing her out the room.

Kori went towards the 3 with smile before sticking her middle finger up ad their mouth's dropped.

"I know her ass did not" Deandre said in disbelief.

"You shooting birdss?" Dominic said placing his hand over his chest.

"Imma call yo grandma" La'Paris said pulling his phone out his pocket.

"TT Kia made me do it" she blurted out.

"Meee?" Kianna dragged coming downstairs.

"You gave me 20 dollars so I did it.." Kori said showing the the 20 in her hand.

"You showing my niece the devils ways I am ashamed" Dominic said shaking his head.

"She tryna get her to switch sides it ain't happening" Deandre shrugged.

"I'm still calling yo grandma" La'Paris said with a smirk.

"Noo I'm sorry" she pleaded.

"Na' I'm snitching"

"Please I won't do it again I'm sorryy" she whined knowing she would get in trouble.

"I'm messing with you Ko chillout" he said with a chuckle.

"Scary self" Dominic muttered as Nadia quietly came down the stairs holding her son on her chest.


"Shhh" she hushed him approaching them tiredly.

"I finally got him to sleep and I need you to watch him so I can take a small nap please" she said as he took him out her arms seeing her odd body language.

"I got him baby go lay down"  he assured as she slowly walked away to make no noise.

She felt more paranoid than ever she had him 2 months earlier at 7 months causing heart problems and trouble breathing for him which she blamed herself for so she hated having him out her sight without thinking something was wrong.

"He's pretty" Kori smiled looking at his face.

"That's my work" Dominic said with a smile.

"No the hell it ain't" Kianna muttered rolling her eyes.

"Fuck up hating ass"


"Sleepy self she stress herself out to much" Kianna said slowly sitting on the bed to not wake Nadia up.

"I know its kinda makes me sad that she blames herself for everything I just hope she feels better soon" Serena stated sitting in her fluffy computer chair.

"We can probably surprise her with a trip next month since her birthdays coming It'll be fun just us 3" Kianna suggested.

"I never really thought of it since we have boyfriends and she has a fiance they love going everywhere we go especially out" she shrugged.

"True but we need a day to ourselves we all needa BREAK especially Nana she's been through it" Kianna spoke watching Nadia sleep.

"I understand we'll get that break eventually"


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