Chapter 36

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"Please help me!" The mysterious hand said. everyone rushed over to me and the strange person. I looked around the door to see who it was. A girl with long brown hair covered in blood lay in front of me. I helped her up. "what has happened?" She asked. "I've been here for ages. all these monster things started chasing me and trying to eat my friends and then they turned into the monsters." "It's going to be fine!" I said. "I cleared out the entire airport!" she said. "Listen to me!" I shouted. "where is the medical centre?" I asked. "over there." the girl said whilst pointing to the left. I asked what the girls name was. "My name is Charlotte. I'm scared, I had to kill my parents. Does any of you know what the hell is going on. I've have been eating all the canned food from the shops here and drinking their bottled water." Charlotte said. "Hi Charlotte, my names Alfie. This is Leighanna, Megan, Francesca, Sinead, Sara, Connor and Lauren. None of us know what happened apart from they were testing cures for cancer and something utterly horrible went wrong." I replied. "Look we will help you!" Francesca stated. Charlotte got up and started to follow us to the medical room. "Also, I'd like to add that people raided this place a few months ago and I was hiding, I think they took all of the medicines." Charlotte said. I looked at Charlotte. Then I looked at the others. I turned the handle on the door, looked inside. "Crap!" I shouted. "Nothing! Ugh, we have just flew in from America and we were hoping that we could start off in a hospital. We are searching for a cure." I mentioned. "How did you fly in?" Charlotte asked. "One of our past team mates was a pilot, she got us here, but sadly just died outside." "Look Charlotte, we need to get the heck out of here. I know a place we can go to. I use to live there with my family." Francesca said. "But there is loads of food and drinks for everyone to survive here for ages, there is no need for us to go!" Charlotte replied. "I know, but this is a spot that everyone will try to raid. If we take all of the food with us we will still have the supplies. We can get some suit cases from the planes and load then with food and push the on the trollies. The house is not far from here, I use to watch the planes go over from my bedroom window. Come on! It will be fine!" Francesca said.

Everyone started to load the suit cases that I got from the plane with food.

(2 Hours Later)

"Lets go!" Megan demanded.

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