Chapter 35

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"Look a window!" Leighanna pointed out. I walked over to the window and looked out. "The British countryside is amazing isn't it?" Megan said. "Yeah it's amazing!" I replied. "We really need a plan to get out of here." Megan whispered to me. "Wait! Doesn't all airports have a medical area?" I asked. "I guess so." Megan replied. "We have to find it!" I demanded. "The door is over there to get into the main airport." Leighanna said. "Don't you think we should tell the others first?" Sinead asked. "Don't you think it's a bit to early. I don't want them to get worked up. I'm still not sure if I can do this." I said. Sinead looked at me. "Look, soon we are going to have to give up trying if we don't find more people or a fully trained scientist. We need all the help we can get, there are only a handful of us trying. The rest of our group is useless." I said. "Can we at least tell Francesca, she deserves to know." Sinead asked. "Fine!" I said. "Francesca, come here please." Leighanna demanded. "What's up?" Francesca asked whilst walking towards us. "We have something to tell you." I said. "What? Is something wrong?" Francesca asked. "No, no! Everything is fine!" I said. "We just thought you might like to know that we are working on a cure for this horrible, horrible disease. We are not 100 percent sure that we can do it, but its worth a shot right?" I said. "Um, okay ..." Francesca replied. "Well... we better go and find that medical unit." Megan said.

I walked over to the door that Leighanna pointed out earlier. Turned the handle slowly and pulled it towards me. "Push it Alfie!" Leighanna said. "Pft! I knew that!" I said sarcastically. I pushed the door I looked to the left. Nothing! I began looking to the right. Suddenly, a hand grabbed my wrist. "Guys!" I shouted...

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