The Week With No Signs Pt. 1

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A week had passed and no words had been heard or spoken from the people you really wanted to talk to.

You had spent the week bored inside of your own mind; watching as the first witch took her time doing whatever she was planning.

She was smart, way too smart for your liking and she made sure that you only heard or saw what she wanted you too.

To say this was discouraging was an understatement. Your own body had turned against you and in truth you didn't know who to be mad at.

The guys because they kidnapped you and your tired you and your parents?

Ella? For not protecting you like she said she would?

Your parents? For not being honest in the first place?

Elise? For falling into this stupid trap.

You wanted to blame the world. But sadly, the world wasn't to blame.

"You do see quite bored."

You glanced over and snorted before rolling your eyes.

"Hello Guardian Angel."

"Now now Ara...You know that my name is Mia."

"And you know that I don't want to talk to you right now." You said annoyed as you sat in the lone chair that was placed in the room.

"Fair, I guess. Should I leave you alone in your thoughts then? I mean...the tv doesn't seem all that interesting..."

She glanced at the large screen and then back to you.

You sighed, "What do you want, Mia?"

"Just to check on you. See what's taking so long—"

"What's taking so long? What am I supposed to do? I can't contact anyone and this damn witch would know if I did." You said, shocked she'd even say that.

She chuckled, "Maybe not..I mean...even first witches rest..."

You sat up slightly, "Wait...are you saying that when she's asleep, she doesn't know when I contact someone? But I'm too far from the guys and—"

"I'm just saying Ara, it's my job as your guardian Angel to make sure you don't give up." Mia sat on the floor in front of you and smiled, "I can't give all the answers but just, don't give up. Mm?"

You scoffed and rolled your eyes, "Don't give up? And what? You expect something helpful to just fall from the sky? You're no fucking help," you rubbed your face roughly, "Why even show up?"

You spoke as you stopped rubbing your face and lifted your head to face Mina once more, but she was gone and again you were left by yourself.


"It's been a week and we're still at square one." Yoongi announced from the couch, his silk pajamas hanging slightly over his toes as he crosses his legs at the ankles.

Hoseok slammed his hands atop the table where Ella are her breakfast.

"You said, we'd get her out Ella! But we've done nothing!" He announced

"What is she supposed to do, huh? It was hard enough for us to get out of there!" Walker announced as he rested against the doorframe.

"Guys—" Taehyung tried to say as he rubbed his head, awaiting the oncoming headache

"Yoongi and Hoseok are right. You're playing doctor to your sister but what about Ara?" Felix questioned

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