Roommate [Rated M] (HunHan FF)

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(DNA/N: WARNING! It's a BoyxBoy fanfic that will contain matured scenes like s*x. S*x toys are also involve. If you're not into this then you're free to exit the story. Remember that you are warned so I'm not expecting rude comments and be reported. Thank you for understanding. I wanna be friends with you all.)

"Luhan, I'm off now ok? Wake Sehun up if you want to have someone eat with you. Don't be late." Kyungsoo smiled at me after he washed the used dishes by them.
"O-ok." I stuttered.
"Hey. Are you ok? You're so red." Kyungsoo notice and I nodded. He flashed me a smile again and exited the kitchen. I heard the front door closed.
"Ugh. S-Sehun... f-faster..." I can't hold back my moan anymore.

I looked down to see Sehun kneeling between my legs and sucking my shaft. Yes, he's there since we came down from our room and even if Kyungsoo was here. I've been keeping my moans since then.

Sehun is my roommate, he's the youngest among all of us. There are twelve of us living in this dorm but it only got 6 rooms so we're paired. Sehun is a cute bubbly kid. He's so adorable and sweet. I don't know what happened to him that he became like this. A horny and playful one. He's still adorable tho but this new characteristic really take me into something. One night, he just crawled on my bed and do things to me. We even had s*x already. Why I'm not stopping him? Because I love him.

"Ahh! Sehun I'm coming." I said and he fasten his pace bobbibg his head as I move my hips to thrust in rythm and I released. He licked me clean then sit beside me. I felt so weak. We're late for breakfast because he locked the both of us in the bathroom to make out.

"That's more delicious than this breakfast." I heard Sehun said.

I forced myself to move and have trouble fixing myself so Sehun helped me. He smiled sweetly at me as if he loves me too. I blushed. Oh how I wish he loves me too. It's impossible, he has a girlfriend.

"S-Sehun. We'll gonna be late if we don't eat now." I said and looked away to avoid his eyes.
"Ok." Sehun said and we started eating. I don't know why but the atmosphere suddenly became so heavy.
"Good thing you're not late." Kyungsoo elbowed me, he sits beside me.
"Yeah." I smiled at him.
"Luhen~ good morning." Baek said from my back.
"Good morning Baek." I greeted back as I turned around to face him.
"Did you succeed waking Sehun up? That kid's a log too." Kyungsoo asked.
"Yes, he's already awake when I got to our room tho." I'm being a great liar now.
"Where's he anyway?" Baek asked as he looked at the time, the teacher's coming anytime now.
"He's... with his girlfriend." I said feeling a pang on my chest with my own words.
"Is that your perfume or I'm just smelling jealousy from you?" Baek teased.
"Shut up Baek." I laughed.

Sehun entered the room and the teacher after. Then the day went on. Classes are boring as usual but I'm thankful that it exists. Sehun can't get to me while it's class hours. I'm not getting afraid of him, I'm actually loving it. I'm becoming a s*x addict as him, it's just that I always get tired after a session and as long as I can, I'll prevent doing that in school.

The bell rang. I clinged on Kyungsoo's arms and sighed.

"Too bored?" He asked.

He just chuckled and we went to the cafeteria. We buy our foods and we go to our table. Was the bad luck at my side? The available seats are only beside Kai and beside Sehun. Definitely Kyungsoo will sit beside his boyfriend. I'm not feeling good with this.

"Luhan hyung! Are you just gonna stand there forever?" Chanyeol laughed.
"Oh. Sorry." I said and sit beside Sehun.

I create a not-so-visible-for-others space between us. Sehun looked at me with his poker face, I can't really read anything on it. He looked away after a moment and sipped on his bubbletea.

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