My Ginger Cat (SFW?)

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You were playing with your cute ginger cat in your room.

You rolled a small ball around as he tried to catch it. After a while, he pushed it too hard and it ended up rolling under the bed.

You went to get it so you bent down and reached for it. What you saw when you turned around, startled you.

It was a handsome naked man with ginger hair. He was in the position where your cat was.

"I- is that you? (Cat's name)?" You asked, shocked, trying not look down at his.. yea.

He just smiled in response. You swore you heard him purr.

"Lemme get you something to wear." You said as you looked for your biggest shirt, through your closet.

You squealed when you felt big arms wrap around your waist from behind and a tongue lick the back of your neck.

"(Cat's name)? What the-" You cut yourself off with a whimper as you felt him nibble your ear.

"Thank you for taking care of me, master. Now, I would like to return the favor." He said as he caressed your thighs, slowly going nearer to your...

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